Her Periods…How To Deal With It!

Woman on her period with cramps

Her Periods… How to Deal With It!… You know the code. She’s fallen to the Communists. 

The Red Sea is parting.  It’s Shark Week.  Yes, it’s that time of the month that guys really don’t understand.  In fact, you’re downright grossed out by it.  It’s okay, I won’t judge you too harshly for being grossed out by things you don’t understand.  So, how do you deal with a woman when she’s on her period?


The fact that you have to “deal with” a woman on her period is very upsetting.

We didn’t wake up one day and think, “Gee, I wish I could bleed for 5 days without dying.”  We didn’t ask for this. It’s something we’ve been dealt with in genetics roulette.  It’s not like we jump for joy at the thought that our period is right around the corner.  No, we dread it as much as you do.  We hate the fact that we’re going to be miserable for a few days.  We hate the pain and hormonal turmoil that comes with this little gift once a month.  So the next time you turn around to your friends and say you have to “deal with her” when she’s on her period– think about what you’re saying.  It’s very sexist and degrading when a guy makes you feel inferior because your reproductive organs happen to be working correctly.  Women want men that aren’t threatened by this natural part of being a woman.


Every woman is different.

None of them deal with their period the same as the next.  Likewise, every woman’s hormones react differently when they are approaching or on their periods.  Women on birth control sometimes react differently from women that aren’t on birth control.  You have to keep in mind that our bodies are constantly shifting in a hormonal tango that sometimes we can’t even predict. For example, before I started taking birth control my period was merely an inconvenience.  Sure, I had the occasional cramp but I really never changed my personality very much.  Once I was on birth control I started to actually know what it felt like to have PMS.  I wouldn’t lash out at people around me (in the stereotypical sense) but I became very depressed.  This still happens from time to time, but not always.  So I can’t even predict how my hormones are going to make me act.


If your girlfriend is being a bit hormonal don’t blame her period …to her face. 

There is nothing that will enrage a woman who is yelling at you more than you telling her she’s “just PMSing”.  Your best bet is to smile and nod and remind yourself that she’ll feel better in a few days.  If your girlfriend is acting irrationally terrible to you (calling you names, yelling, hitting, etc.) and she uses the excuse of her period…it’s unacceptable.  Sure, it’s all right to be a bit moody from time to time but if she treats you terribly and blames her period that’s just an excuse.  That’s like her sleeping with someone else and blaming the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.


So be careful around a woman who is on her period.

Guys are guilty of being moody every once in a while too.  Let it slide and she’ll feel better after her time of the month is over.  If you’re understanding and courteous to her situation you’ll come out looking like an amazing boyfriend.