Your Woman Cheated, Now What?

Woman cheating on her boyfriend with cell phone

Your Woman Cheated, Now What?…….The worst has happened.  Your girlfriend has fallen into the arms of another man, and now you feel betrayed and angry.  You can’t help but remember the good times and know how much you love her.  You have every right to feel those things, and there is nothing wrong with your love for your woman.  So, what do you do after you’ve found out she’s cheated on you?

  The first thing you need to do is remember to keep calm and composed.  Yes, cheating is a terrible offense—but you don’t need to raise your voice or play the blame game.  She’s in the wrong now and if you turn into Mr. Hyde you might end up looking like the bad guy.  Keep yourself composed.  If she owns up to what she did chances are she feels bad about it already, and doesn’t need you to make her feel any worse.  If she’s informing you of her infidelity in a hurtful way…stay composed anyway.  If there is one thing a crazy person hates, it’s when their crazy actions don’t affect the person they’re attacking.

  If she’s telling you this information in order to break things off with you, I’m sorry. Don’t let her indiscretion eat away at you.  It’s not your “fault” that she went off and slept with someone else.  It was very selfish on her part, and you don’t deserve to be with someone who does something like that.  I know it’s hard, but try to look at it as dodging a bullet.  A relationship shouldn’t be about self-gratification, and if she didn’t care about you enough to end things with you before finding someone else that only speaks of her insecurities.

   If she’s telling you what happened in an effort to get back on track with your relationship hear what she has to say.  If the two of you are really in love and willing to work this out you have to listen to where she’s coming from before you can tell her how you feel.  Once she spills her guts, tell her how much you’re hurting.  Tell her why you’re hurting.  If the two of you want to stay together I would suggest spending some time apart and really thinking about your relationship.  Once you’re ready to dive back in, there is a lot of work ahead of you.  Sometimes in these instances couples counseling is a great way to get over cheating.  It’s going to take a lot of forgiveness, but if you really love her then the two of you will be able to get past this.

  If you’re too hurt to continue with the relationship, that’s okay too.  Cheating is a very hard thing to get over.  Make your decision a clean and direct one.  If you chose to break up with her that means no contact with each other—because it will only drag things along and she needs to be punished for her actions.  Tell her that you just can’t be with someone who you can’t trust.  There is no need to call her a slut, and there’s no need to yell.  Just walk away like an adult and find a great woman who wouldn’t even think of ever cheating on you.