“Your Ego-Help Her Understand”

Check your ego

“Your Ego-Help Her Understand”……..When you think about your ego, do you think about ways to communicate to your lover, partner and/or spouse? Surprisingly or maybe not, you boys are not very communicative when it comes to the mushy stuff. Have you ever tried to think like a woman? DO you remember all of that “nagging” as you call it about feelings or something of the sort? Use those very same tools to get your ego pampered by her. Don’t be afraid to admit that you need a bit of a boost here and there. Life is life and too often, we are against the world, be sure she is in your militia and communicate the five ways to help her understand your emotional needs.


Many women find it very difficult to figure men out and even more so when it comes to figuring out how they really feel inside. Don’t worry, there are actually few women who know what to do and say when it comes to their man and making sure that they are ok. While women are typically nurturers, it is often difficult to see what a man may be going through. With no intentions of overlooking their men, women are often occupied taking care of things that their men “need” on a daily basis which typically does not include too much emotional support. Sure, women will ask how your day was or how you’re feeling, but many are positively shocked to hear anything other than “fine” or “okay”.


In many instances, the first mistake women make is that they’re too busy to notice that something may be bothering you or is just off kilter.  People say women are complicated; well guys, men are just as complicated if not even more so. Although men won’t typically say it out loud, men do have feelings, ego issues and emotional troubles that may require attention and slight pampering from their women. Sure, no one wants an egotistic manic that can not be brought back down to planet earth, but a man should always be able to feel like a man.


 How do you “pamper” a man? It’s not too complicated and this is actually where men get their “laid back” stigmas placed upon them. Men don’t need too much by way of emotional pep talks or psycho-babble as some men would like to call it. They just need to know that they are men; the man of the house, your man, dad, etc.


The following examples will help you help her understand how to pet or boost your ego. NO!, we are not trying to create a man who thinks he needs to be waited on, hand and foot, but a man who will feel as though he is needed in his home. Following these few suggestions can not only give you the bump in ego or the emotional push you need, but can create a better you as a man in your relationship or marriage. Both men and women will be surprised how much a man looks to his woman for validation and if he can not get it from her, he may look else where to find it. Don’t freight, it’s simple and not too much of that mushy stuff either!


  1. Support

Most men like the support from a woman. Again, a man will not admit to this due to machismo or whatever they like to call it, but they do. For instance, a man may have had a hard day at work and won’t typically talk about it, even when asked. Inside, all this man really wants is a woman who will have his back to come home to. Most women don’t realize that you won’t just come home and blab about your day at work until asked. Even then, most men will not give all the details as to what happened. Simple or in depth bad experiences at work can cause men to feel belittled and stuck. Is it too much to ask to be able to come home to someone who makes you feel equal, needed and someone who appreciates your talents and efforts? Having someone who does this for you generally puts your ego at an eased state and provides you the comfort, boost and support he is longing for.


The support from a woman provides a major boost to your ego. You merely need to know that the world is not a factor and that your woman is behind you no matter what. Call it, redemption. Men look to a woman to know that no matter what may have occurred that she still loves and supports you; think “mama’s boy”. No matter if you have lost your job, makes less money than her, or if some things in life like catastrophes are troubling you, it will take the sound of his woman’s supportive voice and understanding to get you through. Yeah, I know… a little mushy, but from my experiences, very true!


Men will typically go the distance for a woman who will support him no matter what he’s going through in life or how hard it gets. This doesn’t mean being financially supportive, but emotionally and physically. A woman has to remember that the same love, support, and pampering they enjoy from their male companions is the same they want and sometimes need.


  1. Having Faith


You may think that when you hear the word faith it’s about religion, but not in this particular occasion or subject. We’re not talking about treating you men like a God, but to simply have a little faith in you and your intentions. Some men find themselves down when their own women don’t believe in them, especially when it comes to completing daily tasks.


Women just don’t realize the affects their words and faith in you have on you. Hearing “You can’t do that!”, “why don’t you just let me take care of it?!?” or something else along those lines becomes frustrating and deeply hurts. You not only want the opposite of encouragement and faith, but you need it.


This is the reason why men mess up the most because they’re too busy concentrating listening to that little voice in their head (A WOMAN) and are so afraid that they forget what they were trying to do in the first place.

Correct me if I am wrong but, men hate to feel stupid of belittled. This is especially true in your home. There is especially true when it comes to common household duties that a man usually partakes in. Coming from the woman who should have your back, support and uplift you is the worst. Chivalry and common sense in you are not dead unless she killed it. Women have that way about them sometimes. You mean well and something goes a little off and boy have you messed up. What about when she just expects you to mess everything up. The lack of faith can push a man far away from who he should or could be in a relationship.  Let her know that her faith and belief in all that you do makes a huge difference in your everyday life. It is also the push that you need that will not only help you achieve a great statue in your own life, but become a better man than you thought you could be. Her faith means a lot and is often the driving force to conquering new challenges.


  1. Loyalty

While in the running for number one for good reason, we have bumped this to number three to make room for the juicer ones. Loyalty is not only the foundation of a great relationship, but part of a man’s wellbeing too… Here is where we like our women to stand behind us no matter what or if we are right or wrong. We don’t want to have to worry if she will run as quickly as she can when things get rough. We also want to know that she only has eyes for us and no one else. She is loyal to only you.

Knowing that your woman can go out either shopping alone or to a night out with her female friends and is loyal to her man, makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine!


A man can be very jealous and over protective, but if his woman knows how to show him loyalty this will be a major boost that will build a good man and a good relationship. A man knows that other men will look at his woman, some will take it to the extreme by even trying to approach his woman in front of him, but before things get ugly a woman who shows loyalty will know how to defuse the situation by turning down the man with out saying a word by just turning to her man and landing a big kiss on him. Yes guys, she’s loyal and is a keeper!


Feel the need to test the waters, then be our guest, but don’t be surprised is there is backlash involved. Don’t try to make her prove anything to you because women like it or not, are very smart. If she can sense the test, she will have you looking like a complete fool.


  1. Trust


Sure, we have all been burned and regardless of what your sexual orientation is, chances are that you have a difficult time trusting. DO NOT let this damage your trust in a good man you have at the present time. Trust can bring a man’s ego down to nothing. You look like a fool in front of your friends with a 101 questions from your woman and it’s an ugly place to be.


Letting her know that she can trust you is key. Show her that you are loyal and trust worthy. There is nothing worse than constantly being accused of something you’re not doing and can be extremely damaging to any relationship.


Not being trusted causes a man to feel down and out. Sure, you may like to act like you are the type that just doesn’t care, but after a while, it starts to hurt and you feel like less of a man due to the constant struggle to prove you are the good man that you are.


She needs to realize that her insecurities are unfairly placed upon you and causing you to regret your current situation. She will push you somewhere that another woman could possibly make things better for you and your ego.


No one enjoys the constant battle of being guilty until proven innocent. You can hang out with the guys and have a relationship too… some women just need to understand that.


  1. Attention.

Yes! The number one thing that any woman should know is that a man needs attention! This is no shocker; you guys like to get your attention in a variety of ways. Fair enough and you likely deserve it from time to time. Unfortunately, many women fail to realize that her lack of attention to her man has driven him away until, it’s too late. He has found it somewhere else.


The plus side to you guys is that you are not as sneaky as you would like to think. Though, you may not scream it out loud, you do give off a few hints that let women know when it’s time to be petted. I won’t completely blame women here, but merely today’s busy society has all of us forgetting the importance of the small things in life from time to time.


When women hear that men want attention (if you should ever come out and say you need attention!), the first thing they think about is that a man wants sex. Sure, this is near the top of your list, but it isn’t the only thing that you want in terms of attention. It’s all about knowing that you are still the man for her and that you are still very present in your relationship. Unfortunately, women love to get attention but some struggle to give it back.  This lack of attention is where you and your ego tend to suffer most. Let her know that you need that boost to make you feel as though you are still wanted by her.


Most women feel as though, if they talk to you, you are getting all the attention you need. Sadly, this includes the nagging, whining, ordering around and all of that hoopla; right the opposite of what you need. This is where you start to seek the attention from somewhere else. It’s just the nature of the beast. Many women who yell and scream “men are dogs!” or “He cheated on me!” Ask them this question… “Did you show him some needed attention?” Watch the blank look on their face…. GUILTY! Try to prevent that from happening by communicating with her and letting her truly know what you are feeling and missing. A small amount of communication goes a long way with most women. Discover the results from communicating these few areas with her. You and your ego should be set!