Yes, Be Romantic

Romantic Man with his woman

Yes, Be Romantic……Yes, women have become more independent. 

We’re successful, hot and proud of it.  Today’s modern woman doesn’t have time to wait for her prince to come along.  They get by perfectly fine by themselves.  However, they’re still women.  Sure, sometimes they may pick up the tab—but we’d still like to see a little romance thrown our way.  Every once in a while we watch the occasional chick flick by ourselves and mumble “Awww that’s so sweet.”  We secretly hope that one day someone will blast In Your Eyes outside of our house in the rain holding a boom box.


Truth be told no matter how tough some of us may seem on the outside, we’re as equally (if not more) mushy on the inside.

When a guy does something romantic it triggers something in us.  We know that when you’re being romantic you’re expressing how you feel.  The fact that you show up with flowers “just because” makes us happy to know you’ve been thinking of us.  Romantic gestures are a great way to get closer to your mate.  By showing you’re willing to do cheesy things to make her happy, she’ll start to trust and love you more.  It’s a great way to break down barriers when getting to know someone, and it also eases the tension when things are rough in the relationship.


Men even enjoy doing romantic things for their girl.

When you’re doing something romantic for your partner you get to see their reaction.  When she jumps up and down in excitement after you’ve given her tickets to see her favorite band—you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of pride.  I’m not saying you need to shower her with gifts all of the time.  When you do something sweet and unexpected you’ll be rewarded for your actions.  Trust me.  If she walks into a room filled with rose petals and candles, I can guarantee your world is about to get rocked.


There are a few simple things you can do for a girl that is pretty romantic and easy.

Bring flowers with you the next time you see her.  Surprise her with a home cooked meal after a stressful day.  If you’re a little artistic paint her something or write her a poem. Take her for a picnic in a park.  If you’ve got the dough splurge, take her on a little sexcation.  What’s a sexcation you ask?  Well, it’s a 2-3 day mini vacation….filled with, well…you know.


Most importantly, listen to your girl when she talks about her interests.

Is there a Broadway show she is constantly talking about?  Take her to see it.  Is there a piece of jewelry she’s always wanted?  Buy it for her.  Women like to drop subtle hints, and they’re testing you to see if you pay attention to what they’re saying.  So pay attention and surprise her with something that shows you listen. Use your skills and resources to surprise her with thoughtful actions.  There is nothing a woman likes more than when a man takes the time to be romantic.