would I wear that?

Would I Wear That?

Okay, tell me if this ever happens to you. You are flipping through a magazine, watching TV, walking down the street, or see someone at work, and you catch yourself gazing at their whole outfit thinking how well it is put together. Or you are drawn to a part of their outfit, like a necklace, scarf, belt, the shoes and you think how cool, how great looking, how different the item is. Then after a few minutes, you ask yourself “Would I wear that?”

And then, before you know it, you are dissecting yourself to see if you should, could, or would wear that or anything like that. Some thoughts are “I am too short, too fat, that color doesn’t go with my hair, it is a little too funky for me, I should or could never wear a skirt that short, I wouldn’t wear heels that high, I’m too old for that kind of look.” and so on and on.

So here is my question to you: Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? How do find the right item or outfit?

1. Do you see it on another person, or see a picture in a magazine, on TV, etc, and say “I should wear that!”
2. Could you visualize it in your head? Then the ideas are planted and your mission is perfectly outlined.
3. Would you go shopping from store to store to find all the parts to complete the outfit?

So here is the answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

But—1, 2, and/or 3 will be your chicken and your egg because one of those things will happen first, and your mission could be completed.

For example – you walk in a store, see the outfit, scream and yell and holler “That’s it!! I want it, I need it, I have to have it!!” You try it on, it fits, you buy it, you wear it to the special event, you get a million compliments (male & female) and LIFE IS GRAND!!

At this point, you could care less about chickens or eggs.

If that does not happen, you would have to do one or two of the other steps to complete your mission. Remember, if this is a mission project, a very serious mission project – shopping is not always easy. Be prepared because there will be some battles. You can do it.

It all revolves around decision making here are some things to consider depending on the occasion:

1. Should I dress up or go casual?
2. Would a certain color make me stand out?
3. Could I build an entire outfit around the new pants or shoes I just bought?
4. Would it take a lot to complete this look?

Here are some solutions:

1. You should buy everything you see that you think might be a potential addition to that outfit. IF something doesn’t work out, you can take it back.
2. Some people shop well in advance and some wait till the last minute. Both have some advantages, but you are a woman, and you could change your mind at any time. Be prepared if that happens.
3. Trying on and completing the outfit at home could make a big difference. You know what you have there to select from (example: jewelry, scarf) and you probably should experiment with different things until you get the look you want. Or you could pull out something you forgot you had that goes perfectly and you scream “I should have remembered this gorgeous thing!!” Bottom line is that you are happy, that item is perfect, and you look more beautiful than ever!!!

I heard it said, “I am not as well known as I should be.” If you would plan your work and work your plan when it comes to putting an outfit together, you could be, and you would be very well known because of your appearance. The beauty you see in the mirror is exactly what others see. But there is nothing to compare to the beauty you feel when all the fashion parts come together. And when you feel it, you look it, and you live it. So when it is all said and done, you take a deep breath, smile, and say “I shoulda, coulda, woulda be beautiful….. and I am.”

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