Women’s Hygiene: True Care For Your Fancy Bit

Our lady parts are known by many names, but regardless of what you may call it, the vagina needs special care. A healthy vagina is a happy vagina! (Yes, I just said that!!) 


When was the last time you took a walk down the feminine hygiene products aisle? And, I mean look at the massive amount of products out there for a woman’s fancy bit. We don’t need all of that mess in our life, or on our lady parts for that matter. Let’s get down to business ladies!

7 Hygiene Tips For Your Lady Bits

  1. Picking Panties: I know that satin and silk underwear may sometimes seem sexier and more desirable. They’re soft, silky, and smooth but they aren’t the best thing for your hygiene or health. According to some incredible OB-GYN’s, it’s best to choose natural fabrics especially cotton. Our vulva is very delicate and sensitive. Cotton is very gentle and simple. Cotton is breathable and absorbent which can help prevent yeast infections. Synthetic materials tend to trap heat and moisture in making our lady bits the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Yuck! There are so many incredible sexy, comfortable, and healthy cotton underwear for women, just do a simple search for ‘sexy cotton underwear for women; you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you like wearing silk or satin that’s fine just keep in mind to limit the amount of time you have those panties on to help keep your fancy bit happy and healthy!

  2. Go Commando: You don’t have to go commando all of the time unless of course, you prefer it that way. However, keeping those panties off at bedtime allows your lady bit to air out, limiting the amount of moisture in the area. This is a great idea especially for women who deal with yeast infections. Our entire body benefits from airing out, why would our vulva be any different? For any of you who aren’t comfortable going commando that’s OK, you can choose loose-fitting pajama bottoms or shorts to keep you covered while still getting some air.

  3. Keep It Clean: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is an essential part of a happy and healthy lady bit. So many soaps are full of harsh chemicals that you might not even notice are harming your body. Just like with the underwear, try to use soap that is made using all-natural ingredients. Choose mild and gentle soap that is free of any chemicals. I know a lot of people go in search of soap that is so full of a fragrance that you can smell it from a mile away but that’s not a good idea when it comes to your vagina. Stick to simple, gentle, and fragrance-free soaps for your privates.

  4. Be Mindful of What You Eat: “You are what you eat” is an incredibly popular saying and it holds true when it comes to a lady’s honey pot. What we eat and drink daily can affect the way our vagina tastes, smells, functions, and feels. This is why it’s important to be mindful. I’m not saying if you eat a little bit of onion that your honey pot is going to be tainted and smell of onion. However, if you consume a lot of onions daily there is a chance that it can happen. It’s not just the vagina that will be affected either, your armpits, breath, and sweat will also be affected. Watch what you eat and how much you eat it!

  5. Keep It Trimmed: We have hair in certain spots for a reason but it doesn’t mean it has to be there all the time right? Personal preference is the key but in all honesty, during the warmer months, it’s a good idea to at least trim up your pubic hair. It all comes back to the whole moisture issue. You don’t have to go bald eagle, just a little trim can help cut back the amount of moisture created. If you don’t want to trim or shave that’s cool too, just be mindful to let it air out, change your panties often, and keep it extra clean.

  6. To Douche or Not To Douche: There is a huge debate revolving around whether douching is healthy or not. Douching is something many women are taught to do on a regular basis; after menstruation, after sex, if there is an odor, and in some cases, if you’re experiencing a vaginal infection. According to a research article found on WebMD, health experts at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, you should avoid douching. Believe it or not, our vagina has a scent of its own and it is supposed to however if the odor is extremely strong it is an indication that you may have an infection, and douching isn’t going to solve the problem. Douching has been linked to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), pregnancy complications such as ectopic pregnancy, cervical cancer, and it can cause bacterial vaginosis; a vaginal infection. Douching can leave your lady bits feeling fresh and clean so if you do choose to douche try to avoid doing it too often and stay away from all of the fragrance filled junk, stick to a simple vinegar and water solution. Don’t worry, your precious peach won’t smell like vinegar when it’s all said and done.

  7. Listen To The Signs: Our personal places try to let us know when something is going on. For instance; daily discharge is natural, normal, and healthy, but if you notice that the discharge has changed in consistency, color, or consistency; your fancy bit is trying to tell you something’s up. Thrush and bacterial vaginosis are the two most common vaginal infections. Thrush causes a thick white discharge and itchiness while bacterial vaginosis causes thin, watery excretions and a strong scent, especially after sexual intercourse. Another issue is being allergic to latex condoms; if you experience itching, blisters, or a rash after indulging in adult pleasure the cause is likely the condom. Never fear, there are other options available for those allergic to latex. Last but not least on this list is a frequent yeast infection. If by chance you love your carbs as much as I do but you’re eating too many too often they could potentially be the cause of those yeast infections. Listen to the lady downstairs. She has important things to share with you.


Ladies, take amazing care of yourself and I mean your entire self; head to toe, in and out. Your fancy bit will thank you for all of the right kind of care but you have to give it! If you have questions or concerns about your lady parts reach out to an OB-GYN for advice or a check-up!

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T.P. (@guest_38)
1 year ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

Thank you for the 411 on the intimate and crucial considerations for hygiene.

The author of the article depicts ways to keep your bush clean, maintain its look and how to differentiate between marketing trends and sensible knowledge. Marketing is to sell a product not to educate consumers of the health risks, potential side effects and overall comfort.

Panties – I like the vibe of sexy and comfort, commenting on the article. I like to feel beautiful and unrestricted in my feminine wiles.

Though please add a section for us women who need ‘liquid protection for urinary and periods. The vital importance to spend more money on NO FRAGERANCE, NO SULFATES pads and tampons. I recommend Cora Organic and L. Organics both found at Target.
I appreciate the general approach but some relevance to personal experience and a couple of resources related to the AUTHOR’S approved products would be a greater benefit to me.

I look forward to reading an additional article with some inclusions of my suggestions.

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