Why Women Fake It

Fake orgasms

Why Women Fake It……We’ve all seen the famous Delicatessen scene in When Harry Met Sally.

You know, the one where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in the middle of lunch?  Yeah, well that scene has confirmed every man’s suspicion (and fear)—the fake orgasm.  Every woman fakes it.  Hate to tell you guys, but every woman you’ve slept with has faked an orgasm with you at some point.  So, why do we do it?


You can’t stop women from faking orgasms.

Everyone has faked a few in their day.  Hell, I’ll even admit that I’ve faked one or two.  I always say that you should only fake an orgasm under dire circumstances.  You should never fake orgasms at the beginning of the relationship.  If a woman fakes it from the beginning you’re never going to know how to actually please her.  She’ll never speak up and she’ll be cursed to fake it until the end of time.  Women should only fake orgasms when appropriate.


What?  Did you think I would say that faking orgasms was wrong?

Okay, maybe it’s not the most honest thing in the world, but you need to think of it as a white lie.  When you tell your girlfriend that she doesn’t look fat in that dress—are you telling the truth?  In fact, do you even care about how she looks in the dress?  No, you don’t—but you say she looks good anyway because you know that’s what she wants to hear.  We fake orgasms, because we know that’s what you want to hear.


There are really two reasons why women fake orgasms.

One reason is that they aren’t enjoying themselves, and faking an orgasm would move things along.  In their minds, they believe when they finish you’ll finish.  The other reason they fake an orgasm is that they think it will turn you on.  They think the more you believe you’re the best lover they’ve ever had –they become the best lover you’ve ever had.  Pornography has affected women’s view on sex as much as it has affected men’s.  We think that you want a vocal woman in the bedroom.  We believe that when you hear us being vocal it’s sexually pleasing.


How can you tell the difference between a fake orgasm and a real one?

That’s the beautiful thing, you can’t.  We’re that good.  We know what our bodies do when we orgasm and we can easily make it sound and feel like a real one.  You’ll never be able to turn to a woman and ask, “Did you just fake that?”  A) It would be rude and b) we’ll never admit it.  The best thing you can do is sit down with her and ask if you’re pleasing her.  Tell her to be honest, and if she admits that she’s not having an orgasm then you should work together to solve this problem.  If she lies to you and tells you everything is fine, then I guess she’ll never have an orgasm.  It’s not your problem.  If she chooses not to change the way things are then that’s her decision.