What Women Want: Decent Pubic Hair

Manscaping his body

What Women Want: Decent Pubic Hair……The idea of pubic hair preference might seem a little extreme. Don’t judge!  Everyone has their own standards of hair-itude, and everyone is entitled to those preferences.  It’s hard to say what exactly is the standard protocol for pubic hair.  I’m going to explore the different things men and women can expect from this taboo request.

    Whether your preference be bare or busy I have only one definite thing to say when it comes to your private area, and that is…MAINTAIN IT.  It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, black or white, male or female… your pubic hair should be trimmed and suitable for mass consumption if you are a healthy sexually active person.  If you plan on having someone else see your genitals, for the love of God and all that is holy please make sure it looks decent.  Nothing will send a lady boner a-flat faster that an unkempt set of family jewels. If anything, keeping your private area clean and tidy is a consideration for others.  Especially if you expect those “others” to put their mouth in that general area.

  As far as girls go, it’s ultimately up to them what they’re comfortable with.  You’re going to have to live with your girlfriend’s pubic hair preference.  Feel free to voice your opinions, and if she’s open to it then she’ll try.  I believe that no matter what, girls should always shave the lips of their vagina.  Not only does this make the area cleaner and more presentable, but I feel like it’s more comfortable.  Some women’s skin is particularly sensitive to shaving.  So the top of her vagina is really up to her.  Sure, you may prefer a bare axe wound, but maybe she’s prone to ingrown hairs.  She could also be uncomfortable with the idea of the “12-year-old look” living in her pants.  If your girlfriend has the financial means to wax her pubic area on a frequent basis, then that’s great.  If you prefer this look, but she can’t afford it –then offer to help her out with the cash.  Hey, you’ll be making out in the deal.

   Now, as for you guys are concerned you need to keep a clean area.  It’s not just the woman’s responsibility to remove public hair on a frequent basis.  You have to do some tree trimming of your own.  I’m not saying you need to shave anything.  If you prefer to shave then I applaud your willingness to put razors that close to your twig and berries.  Trimming is mandatory if you want anyone’s face anywhere near your nether regions.  The hair around your jewels should never be busy, and you should always keep a clean and trim presentation.  It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping with anyone or not.  You need to get into the habit of a clean package.

  A clean pubic area is a happy pubic area.  Not only will your area be happy, but your partner will be happy as well.  It’s a common courtesy to keep your pubic area clean and trimmed.  There is no excuse for a ‘70s sized bush in the year 2018.  Keep it clean and your woman will be happy.