What do Women Feel During Climax?

Beautiful couple in bed

What do Women Feel During Climax?…..As a man, you know the amazing and lasting sensations that an orgasm gives you. You may often wonder with all the moaning and hollering, that women do when they reach climax, what does it feel like for them. Honestly, we all wonder what various things feel like to different types of people.


Each woman is different when it comes to her climax. This often makes it even more difficult to understand or believe in what she is yelling, versus what she is feeling when having sex. Some women are quiet, some women breathe heavy, moan, and yell and some just can’t control themselves. Why is it so different for each woman?  Generally, there are no fluids to show that she has reached her climax, so how can I tell what she is feeling versus, doing?


Even during sex, women are emotional creatures. The more emotionally attached she is to you, the more you may see, hear or feel from her as she reaches her climax. For women, there is so much more that goes into climaxing than just penetration. It’s emotional, physical and mental stimulation that drives her wild or up a wall for that matter. The more she is emotionally connect, the more you may see her express herself during climax.


As to the physical feelings that some women experience, it is amazing and draining all at the same time. Her whole body tightens, a tingling sensation runs from the tip of her ears to the tip of her toes. Some women, pending the length and depth of the climax, she may tremble during and after she reaches her climax. While, many women try to control or contain various feelings during a climax, most can not and each climax that they reach, may be different.


There are some women who do not make a peep and you can only tell they have reached a climax after all is done and there is a huge smile on her face, or she seems to be relaxed. These women are more likely to put on a show to boost their own confidence about their orgasm. Some women are very self conscious about not being able to do anything noticeable when climaxing that they tend to moan loud, scratch and anything she can think of while having sex to ensure you that you are doing your job, right! Many of these women could be more reserve about their sexuality and thus causing them to be more tame and quiet as they climax.


Unlike men, all women do not have cum shoot out, drip or anything else. As a matter of fact, it is nearly impossible to tell if you are doing a good job unless she tells you. She generally doesn’t get erect, her vagina can be made moist instantly and nothing seeps out when she reaches climax. This can often be pretty nerve wrecking for any man to endure and/or understand. All you really have to go on is what she tells you prior to, during or after sex and this makes it harder for a man to understand what she may be feeling as she climaxes or if she feels anything at all.


Think about when you reach your climax. Do you do anything special other than shoot semen out? That release is simply just amazing and relaxing. She will go through much of the same after reaching her climax, though her outward actions may not display it. Poor men are just out there for the taking. No choice, but to be seen. Women are entirely too cool, calm and collected much of the time. We men are just dying to know what is going on inside their mind and body when they reach the ultimate climax.