What a Woman Isn’t Saying: Body Language During Sex

Body Language in bed

What a Woman isn’t saying: Body Language During Sex……. How can you tell you’re pleasing your woman in bed?

Well, the obvious signs of moaning and “Oh God yes”s usually give you the answer—but is that everything?  It’s no secret that women tend to fake it.  Sorry guys, it’s something we have to do in order for you to get the hell off of us.  If your woman is quiet in the bedroom it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad lover.  You’re just not paying attention to what she’s not saying.


First, let’s talk about body language before anything sexual happens.

You know, that moment when you’re laying next to your partner wondering whether or not things will start to get hot and heavy once Leno’s monologue is over.  Before you attempt to seduce your lady turn and look at her.  Where is she positioned on the bed?  Is her back to you?  If so, get yourself into the prime spooning position and pull her closer.  The closer you are to her the more aroused she’ll be.  Notice how she moves her body.  Is she bringing you closer?  Is she wriggling sensually?  She’s ready to make love!  If she’s moving away, then you won’t be getting any tonight.  If she’s facing you when you turn to look at her, turn onto your side.   Face her and look into her eyes.  When you do this you’re establishing a deep connection with her.  She’ll be receiving your signals, and you’ll be getting intimate within minutes.


Once you start to get down to business make sure you pay attention to certain aspects of the experience.

Keep your eye on her breathing, movement, and hips.  These are the three areas that will tell the most truth when you’re trying to please your woman.  The first thing you need to hone in on is her breathing.  If you hear continuously rapid breathing then you are doing something right.  An increase in her breathing and heart rate means her body is preparing for orgasm.  Once you hear her breathing change, you’re on the right track. Her body is telling you it likes what you’re doing.


If she’s lying still like a dead fish, you’re probably not doing anything right.

Either that, or she’s a hollow shell of a human being.  When she makes small movements that means she’s losing herself in the moment.  These movements should feel like she’s bringing you closer to her—not pushing you away.  If she’s constantly pushing you away ask her if everything is all right.  She might not be enjoying the experience.  When she squirms with delight and is losing herself in the moment you’re on a one-way ticket to orgasmville.


The last thing you should be aware of is the movement of her hips.

If she’s moving with your body and enhancing the experience that means she’s on the brink!  You’re almost home! This is also the sign of a great sexual partner.  When the two of you are in tune with each other and synchronizing your movements your bodies are trying to reach orgasm together.  If the two of you aren’t thrusting together then you should change to a new position.  Changing it up a bit ignites more arousal with women.  I always suggest at least 2 positions each sex session.


So listen to her body.

Take notice to how she reacts when you do something to her.  If she’s not responding to something—change it up.  If she is hanging on for dear life…keep going!  She can fake a moan all she wants, but her hips don’t lie.