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By Kimberly Spencer, founder of

After teaching Pilates for over ten years and owning three businesses, I get this question a lot now as a high performance coach and business strategist…


In a word, everything.

It’s no secret that the world’s highest performers when studied reported having MORE energy, and MORE time to workout, and they found that time CONSISTENTLY.

But it’s not just about your body…

How’s your energy?

How’s your confidence?

How’s your sex life?

All of these are affected by your perception of how you look and feel in your body, and all of these are necessary for business…yes, even sex too.

Think about it…

Let’s break each of those down step-by-step


This happens to be my specialty as a coach…and one of my favorite subjects ever! And I’m not just talking about physical energy, like the energy it takes to run a few miles. I also mean the mental and emotional energy to get back up after the tenth rejection that day, and go for the eleventh. I’m talking about the emotional resilience to sit your ass down in your seat and figure out your next move – how to launch that product, how to create that package, how to overcome that client’s objection.

A lot of times, especially for women,  it’s not necessarily our physical energy that’s as powerful as the emotional and mental energy that we are putting out – thinking of all the things we have to do on our never ending to-do list, juggling the emotional energy of rejection from that second, third, fourth sales call. All of that affects us physically.

The quickest way to shift from overwhelm is by shifting your body, changing how you hold your body, and changing how strong and flexible you are on a physical level.

Remember, you have neurotransmitters on every single cell of your body. So when you reprogram the physical you start sending different signals to your brain about how resilient,

Think about a time when you had a righteous junk food binge, like around the holidays. You’re enjoying all the sweets, all the pies, and a few extra glasses of wine. Maybe you got a little lax on your workouts…but, it’s okay, you’ll get back on them by January 2, right?

If I asked you the day after Christmas to put on your sexiest dress and do a photoshoot, would you? Probably not. Because you’re not feeling super confident or sexy in your body

It’s no surprise that the business world parallels this pattern, no matter whether you’re a solopreneur of have a massive team.

It goes back to the whole neurotransmitter thing. Your cells are literally communicating to your mind every single moment about how you feel.

How you do anything is how you do everything, right?


When you’re feeling bloated, you haven’t worked out in a while, and you’ve been a stressed out, frazzled, overwhelmed, hot mess, how’s your sex life? Are you getting it on, on the reg when you don’t like how you look in the mirror naked with the lights on? Probably not.

This affects your confidence, which in turn affects your performance in all areas of your life, both in your relationships and your business. If you’re not having sex in your romantic relationship, then that affects your overall happiness. And 90% of your life’s happiness is dependent upon your happiness in your main, romantic relationship – if you’re in one.

The number one tanker of productivity is when your primary, intimate romantic relationship hits the skids.

And I can speak from personal experience. When I was in my relationship with my ex, we were fighting ALL. THE. TIME. Like, there was not a day without dysfunction. This time was right in between completing filming on my first film as a screenwriter, BRO’, and…well, I didn’t know what. Because in that time that I was in that relationship my writing completely stopped. My creativity was totally curtailed. My Pilates business was even starting to suffer. I started missing appointments, showing up late. Total sabotage.

It was in running and connecting back into my body that I found my salvation. I choose to run my first marathon, LA 2011.

By hitting the pavement, step after step in a torrential downpour, doing something that physically challenged me, that’s when I found alignment again.After 26.2 miles in the pouring rain, I crossed that finish line and knew it was over. I kept running down Ocean Boulevard and ran into the restaurant we were supposed to have our wedding reception in, dripping wet and shaking, and canceled our reservations.

Creativity restored. Alignment found. Back on track. Opportunities could now flow my way. And they did. I launched my first private Pilates studio. I found out that BRO’ was picked up by Lionsgate. And I then was offered an executive position and partnership in an e-commerce company.

This is why I preach about aligning your body, life, and business, because they all work synergistically like the holy trinity of high performance.

If you’d like to unlock your body-business connection, then go to to find out how to work with me.

And if you know someone who’s struggling with their body or is out of alignment with their business, then I invite you to share this with them.