Top 3 Qualities That Show You’re Independent

Young man with dirty home

Independence is determined differently by different women when looking at a man.

While, most men assume that to women, it is all about a certain amount of money in the bank. Women actually don’t use this aspect alone when deciding if a man is independent or not.


 To say that women use a man’s monetary status as a sole means of deciding his independence is all wrong.

In fact, you are only insinuating that she is a gold digger at this point. Actually, women look at a variety of things within a man’s life when determining his independence.

While there are a variety of ways to prove your independence to a woman, there are a few crucial qualities that a woman will look at almost immediately to determine your independence.


Here are three qualities that are looked at most by women to help in their assumption.


Self Sufficiency.

Being self-sufficient can clearly show that you can do things on your own without requiring help.  Not only do things yourself, but doing them correctly will catch the eye of a woman. She will see this good quality and know that your priorities are taken care of and kept up with.  It helps women know that a man can delegate what needs to be accomplished without being nagged to do so.



Organization is a huge sign of independence to women. They see it as you you’re your life in order and are on track with your goals and ambitions. Women see organization as a quality of independence because it is likely that a man will have his life in complete order with little to no chaos. Most women can determine if a man’s life is in order by just coming over to his home or apartment.  One glance at his living conditions will tell the tale of the man life. It will also show if he’s independent or not.


A dead giveaway to women is if a man’s home is a complete mess.

This will leave her thinking that there is little in his life that isn’t messy.  She doesn’t want to have to fix or constantly do upkeep on areas of his life that he should already have in place. This becomes extremely unattractive to a woman and will cause her to run the other way.


Job Security.

Having a steady job not only shows you have a steady income but that you can provide stability.  If a man cannot maintain a steady job, this will only show a woman that he isn’t ready for a relationship. Men believe a steady income is what women prioritize upon when dating, but where they have it wrong is for the reasoning. Yes, it is known that women would rather a man to have steady employment. This is simply because she wants to know that the relationship will be equal. Most men think that she is merely after his wallet when all she wants to know is that between the two of you, rent will be paid on time, every time.  Some women will date a man with no job on occasion, but that is to test his abilities and she is hoping for the best. She likely sees something else within him in order to give him that chance. Sadly, in those situations, women have found out that the man has only learned to depend on his woman to do it all, instead of becoming independent and trying to accomplish any goals.


While all men and women are different, the aforementioned qualities are those that will instantly speak of your independence.

Sure, women are nurturing creatures, but no one wants to take on a boyfriend or husband to raise. There is nothing sexy about depending on others. Dependence should be used in other areas of a relationship and she will depend on you for various things she wants in a man, but independence should be something that is left up to you. There is no reason a man who is of dating age shouldn’t be independent and self-sufficient.


 If you want women to take you seriously, take yourself seriously first!