Things Women Want Men To Know In The Bedroom

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 Things Women Want Men to Know in the Bedroom……When it comes to sex, everyone’s body responds to different things. 

Some people can be satisfied with the sensation of a feather running across their skin. While other people might need some nipple clamps and a vibrator to get in the mood.  The only way to make sure you’re satisfying your partner is to keep the lines of communication open and become interested in learning their body.


Sensitivity comes into question when talking about sex, and there are certain physical things women want. 

Here are some ways for you to learn about your partner’s body, and help them to realize their sensitivity.  When a person is aware of their sexual sensitivity, sex can be a great experience. When experiencing anything for the first time, always be aware of your surroundings.  Take your time and remember what your partner responds to.  The best way to “feel out” the situation is by slowly and gently focusing on their erogenous zones.


Use the tips of your fingers to trace around certain parts of her body. 

Pay attention to where your fingers are and how she is responding.  Pay attention, because this is how you’ll get the woman you want to go crazy.  Wherever she gives a sexual response remember that information for later.  While you’re running your hands over her body take note of what she responds to.


Once you have a good map of her body, it’s time to move on to phase two of your sensitivity experience.

Use your lips and tongue to kiss and stimulate the areas she responded to with your fingers.  Start the stimulation with your mouth softly and listen to what her body is saying.  If she responds positively to something you’re doing– feel free to increase your pressure slightly.  She might even like a nibble or two.  Make sure you stop and ask her if she’s enjoying herself, and be sure not to hurt her.


When revisiting her sensitive areas with your tongue make sure to ask her what she wants. 

These are the moments when you can learn how sensitive she is.  You wouldn’t want to hurt her, would you?


Some women are extremely sensitive, and too much stimulation on some of their body parts can cause pain.

While pain can sometimes be associated with pleasure, this type of pain usually does not. The more you learn about her body the better the sex will be.  Sensitivity can be a good thing if it’s used in the right capacity.  If your partner finds sex too sensitive, don’t take it personally.  Her problem may be medical or psychological.  If your girl finds everything that you do to be too sensitive for her, encourage her to see a doctor.  The healthier she is the better your sex will be.


On the other side woman can sometimes lack any sensitivity at all. 

Some women have pursued methods to fix this lack of sensitivity problem.  The G-Shot is designed to temporarily enhance sensitivity through an injection directly into their g-spot. There are also organic supplements like Shatavari and Motherwort that increase female libido and release tension.


Sex is an extremely intimate part of your relationship, and it should be used to create mutual pleasure.

Pay attention to your partner’s sensitivity in order to please her perfectly.  These are one of the sexual things women want.  When she gives herself to you, she trusts you with her body.  She wants you to make her feel good– not hurt her.  When you learn the ins and outs of your partner’s body, sex will become a wonderful thing the both of you can share.