Things Women Want in Bed

Woman posing in bed

Things Women Want in Bed….There are endless possibilities as to what women want from men in the sack. And, there are even fewer men who understand what those possibilities are.  When it comes to women, there’s more than just that in and out action that women yearn from their male partner in the mist of having sex.  Things women want in bed can vary drastically and can often cause a relationship to go downhill quickly when the things she likes aren’t touched on.


Naturally, men leap into bed with their women with one thing on their mind and that’s their own pleasure. Women however, are a much different.  She is not only after her own climax, but she is overly conscious of the acts for which get her to her happy place. The same single sexual pleasure session is a completely different experience for both the man and the woman.


The things women want in bed can vary from woman to woman. They can also vary from a single action to hours of various play and positions to get her to her highest climax. Other than penetration, things women want in bed can include an all day long adventure of naughty buildup or a simple gesture prior to penetration.


Sure, women like being kissed and teased in and on their main areas like, their breasts and clitoris, but why stop there?  Women have many other secretive spots on their bodies that men should adventure and conquer.   Women have over sixteen different spots on their bodies that get her going and extremely moist.  When a man is able to find these areas, you’re in for a great sexual experience.


There is so much more to sex, especially when it comes to women. Think outside the box and really get creative, if possible. Get comfortable and explore her body, you may just be surprised as to how much more your sexual encounters with her.


To provide you with a little guidance and a few ideas, we have compiled a short list of things women want in bed to help you spice things up or further understand what she may be looking for.

Build-up- women love to be desired, it’s no secret. She wants to know that you long for her “goodies” and can’t wait to indulge. Building up the mood and mindset prior to jumping into things is a great way to start. You can start this early on in the day with a few naughty text messages and possibly pictures if you find a way to take and send them. She wants to hear what you want to do to her, how you think she tastes and looks and how she feels to you. This will not only build her up to what’s to come, but it will create a spicy scene for the two of you to enjoy.

Oral- in today’s world, this is a given. You know you like some good, hard, sloppy oral from her, what makes you think she wouldn’t enjoy the same from you? There is something sexy about a man passionately kissing, sucking, blowing on and tickling every inch of her vagina. In fact, you are likely to send her into a sexual frenzy that in turn, puts you on the receiving end of some amazing oral as well.    Find me a woman who doesn’t enjoy some aspect of oral sex; I have yet to meet one.

Kissing and caressing- when a woman gives herself to a man, she expects to be appreciated for it by being kissed and caressed all over her body. This lets her know that her man appreciates all of her and her body, not just her main “prize”. She wants to know you like what you see and feel. It’s sexy to her when you touch, rub and tug on various areas of her body.

Foreplay- most men fail at foreplay, in turn making sex to a woman rushed and unwanted. If a man doesn’t have time to dabble in a little foreplay, the rest of the sex for women is just time wasted. Foreplay is often confused with simply performing oral sex. This is where men generally get way off course. Foreplay can consist of toys, role playing, games, food and anything else you can think of or are into. It is something that builds up the burning need for penetration. It’s something women truly enjoy prior to her climax. Foreplay is also known to intensify a woman’s climax tremendously.

Exploring- finding new ways and methods to get a woman aroused in bed can be exhilarating for her. She will join in and explore you too. There is something extremely arousing for women to partake in. She wants to know that you want to feel, see and taste every inch of her. To feel a gentle breath at the top of her thigh, on her lower back or any other place you choose, is something that will send her into a state of complete satisfaction. Take the time to explore her and you are sure to see how much she appreciates it.

It’s important to know that before beginning to explore, each partner will likely need a great sense of comfort and trust in the other.

After sex care- Yes, it’s yet another given. Women like to cuddle. She hates when her man just rolls over and starts snoring. A simply handhold, kiss on the forehead or even touching feet would suffice in many cases. She feels unappreciated and like you didn’t enjoy your experience, but it was more of a job you had to do. Take a moment to cuddle or touch briefly after your escapade and you will have one happy lady at your side.

These are only a few things women want in bed. Each woman is different and some will require more or less work. Try to keep things fun for the both of you. Be open to trying new things and pay attention to her actions and reactions while in the sack, you will see first-hand the things women want in bed.