The Top 4 Reasons Women Reject You

Angry woman and man wants sex

The Top 4 Reasons Women Reject You……….You screwed up all your courage, asked her out, and she said no. What did you do wrong? Was it your hair, or your clothes, or your taste in music? Is it because you are a disgusting human being who gives off repellent vapors and will be forever lonely? The good news is that it’s probably nothing that dire. Here are some of the reasons women reject you for dates:

1)  She’s in the Middle of Something Else

Be it another guy, a doctoral thesis, a tough week at work, a good conversation with one of their friends, or replying to an email: they’re busy. Too busy to really pay attention to you. If you want to keep your self-esteem intact, assume that most rejection is of this variety, don’t take it personally, and keep trying. Eventually someone will make time for you.

2) You’re Not Her Type

If they are looking for short, red-headed and quirky, you’re not doing them any good being tall, dark and handsome, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change this. If you approach a woman and she rejects you, it will do your self-esteem some good to ask yourself what you know about this woman’s preferences. If she is a stranger, you know virtually nothing about them: for all you are aware, she’s into dwarves who only listen to jazz music and want her to tie them up and make them watch cartoons as sexual foreplay. If she is a friend and the only men you’ve seen her with are basketball players and you don’t play basketball, you can’t take her rejection as anything deeper than her being into basketball players. You might become upset by this and wonder why women don’t seem to be willing to take chances on people who do not fit their narrow definitions of type, but think about it: you have a type too. How often do you deviate from it? That’s what I thought. It goes both ways.

3) You’re a Presumptuous, Pushy Jerk

There are plenty of women who like presumptuous, pushy jerks, so if you are one, you may have had enough dating success to fuel the assumption that you are generally quite a catch. But if you expect a woman to roll over and date you just because you asked, you should be aware that some women will find this presumptuous and pushy and think you are a jerk because of it. Are you attracted to her specifically and as a human being or is she just one more notch in your belt? Be aware that many women can tell the difference and will not hesitate to blow you off if they feel that you may be “playing” them.

4) You’re a Whiny, Needy Jerk

Do you feel that you’re a really nice guy? Do you feel that really nice guys deserve things from the world, like the women of their choice? Do you think that if one particular woman rejects you, she must be against everything that is nice and good and proper in the world, being that you are such a really nice guy? You need to stop thinking like that, because it is driving potential dates away from you. Don’t worry about what all the other guys are doing. Worry about your own behavior. There’s no need to guilt or shame a woman into spending time with you under the premise that if she doesn’t like you, she must not be a nice person herself. That in and of itself is extremely manipulative, not very nice, and makes you kind of a jerk. It’s also not fun to be around. This is what all the nice guys who finish last are doing in their romantic lives, and it is their own faults.