The Obsession of Youth and Falsification of Advertising

Hey Ladies,

As a patron of the beauty and fashion industry, I get the fact that advertising gets better results by taking the safe route by casting beautiful, flawless young models with a so-called perfect body!

This country in particular has continually endorsed what they perceive to emphasize on the American Dream to sell clothes, beauty products, and what they believe to be pleasing to the eye. It’s little wonder teens are starving themselves to look like their examples of fashion models and women are booking plastic surgery long before it is necessary.

After watching back to back commercials reiterating this fact, a bell rang off in my head which motivated me to share my thoughts on this subject. The first was for Botox featuring many ethnicities; however, all appeared to be in their twenties and thirties. Really? Why not feature the over fifty group who may be legitimate candidates for this procedure? I also find this to be a negative message to youth and the over-exaggeration to achieve perfection. Within seconds they featured another commercial for a home product to remove wrinkles and once again the model was in her twenties. Another prime example would be a product to grow eyelashes where the famous actress has been blessed with a full mane of hair, full brows, and long thick lashes (I believe we all know whom I’m referring to). My point of the matter is that we are buying into propaganda which is unrealistic for the consumer while setting them up for disappointment.

In the past decade, there have been magazines dedicated to women over fifty and plus-size magazines featuring beautiful clothing with flare and style; however, we have a long way to go!

Who makes the rules as to what is esthetically pleasing and when did the majority of women begin buying into being brainwashed? I have always been of the opinion that the skincare industry hosts the largest criteria for brainwashing.

The more expensive the product, the better it works and they break their legs running to the counter and their fingers grabbing their credit card on hearsay.
Beware, reevaluate what is presented to you, and please keep in mind, a sucker is born every minute!”

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