Misunderstanding of turning 50

The Misunderstanding of Turning Fifty

Have you noticed or heard of how many women feel as though they have lost it all at fifty? It starts a few months before turning fifty. They get sad and feel as though they no longer have the looks, the energy, or time to do or involve themselves with anything or anyone. What’s wrong with these women?

As someone who is over the threshold of fifty, I can certainly tell you that life is far from over. You are only as old as you feel. And, if you are anything like me, that’s far from what the numbers say. Who cares what fifty used to look like; let’s concentrate on what fifty should look and feel like!


​ A New Adventure

Turning fifty does not mean that you are required to wear moo-moo’s, house slippers, or your hair in a bun. Just like any other adventure in life, it is all about what we make of it. There are no style requirements just because you are a certain age now. There are endless possibilities still open for you. Just look around!

As we continue to climb that age ladder, life seems to get more settled. This doesn’t mean that it stops. Why hold yourself back from the latest trends, all because of your age? That makes absolutely no sense. You will then become your worst enemy.

The older we get, the more important it becomes to stay in tune with the world. Things change at a rapid rate. We want to be a part of it. Don’t label yourself as old, or others will do it as well.

​ Keep Active


Stay young and fit. Being active keeps your youth around a bit longer. Sure, with age comes a few health do’s and don’ts, but that doesn’t mean that we need to stop living life. The more we sit, the more of life we let pass by. Getting out and about is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. If you don’t move, your bones won’t remember how to when it’s most important. Exercise and activity keep those dreaded ailments away. Get out of the house! Do some gardening, go shopping, get together with some friends; just have a good time. The older you let yourself feel, the quicker you are giving up. Fifty isn’t about giving up; it’s your time to approach life.

We have spent our whole lives caring for and doing for others. It’s now time to do for ourselves. There are little to no restrictions on the possibilities that are open to us. We don’t have to get any kids off the bus, dinner doesn’t have to be cooked, and we are free to do as we wish with our time. Sure, we may have to work, but that leaves the rest of the day after we clock out. There aren’t any other “must-do’s” lingering. It’s all about if we want to.

Knocking on the door of fifty is nothing to be scared of; in fact, it’s something to look forward to. It’s your second adolescence. We’ve been hidden away, taking care of our business for so many years, that we’ve forgotten how to enjoy life. Fifty and beyond is the perfect time to do it. All of our responsibilities have been taken care of.

At fifty, it is all about embracing life and rediscovering who we are. Heck, you can create a whole new you, if you’d like. Fifty is merely a turning point, and our senses awake to the beauty that we have overlooked for so long. Let your hair down and enjoy the ride. There is so much to see along the way!

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