The Little Black Book, She’s Got One Too!

Woman on her tablet device

The Little Black Book, She’s Got One Too!……Yep!, that’s right. She’s got one too. While, men are generally given all the credit of being slime bags, cheaters, manipulators and more, women take the back seat and get little recognition. Maybe that is because she is smarter than the average slime bag or maybe we just aren’t hip to what women are really capable of.


When it comes to women, we just think of naggers, money hungry amateur prostitutes and baby makers. Well, women are so much more civilized than that these days. While, the days of barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen are long gone; we rarely think about our doting women stirring up trouble.


Well boys, there comes an epiphany in every man’s life at some point concerning his women and there is no better time than now. Whether you are in a new relationship or have been in one for some time, I guarantee you that there is always something new to learn about our precious women. Heck, there are probably a few tips and tricks you could learn from this delicate little flower of yours. It’s true, she may not be as innocent as you thought or had hoped she was.


Now, we are not saying that every woman cheats, manipulates or even lies, but we are saying there is always a possibility and a high probability that she has or will. That’s right; she’s got a little black book as well. She keeps men on deck for when her man screws up or lacks in specific areas. There are men that will jump at her call and are okay with the fact that she is in a relationship already. They are not looking for a relationship with her.


She is slick though. She knows how to act as though nothing is happening, can lie with a straight face and often doesn’t even feel as though she is doing any wrong. Actually, she feels as though she is just doing a job most times. She is only looking for a specific thing from her little black book and once conquered, she puts it away until the next time.


Whether it is money, sex, some emotional stimulation or anything else, she is merely after the one or two things from her black book. Something that is lacking at home is what prompts her to pick up that little book and “go to work”. Over all, just like a man, she may be fine at home for the most part and just wants some flare and spice, when she is missing it from home.


The biggest difference between her and you is that she is smarter when it comes to using her resources. She know when and how to use them. She also knows that in order to execute the proper use of her black book, she has to be scare with it. This is where you boys generally get caught. You get caught up in what feels good at the moment and then become greedy with it. Her black book is for emergencies only. She uses it to fill a specific craving and then puts it away. This works for her and for a variety of reasons. If you just take a moment to think about it, it is a grand idea. When it comes to her contact in her book, she provides and receives whatever it is that she may be after and then leaves. This then leaves her contact wanting more and waiting for her call, thus the reason he jumps when the opportunity presents itself. Her man at home is happy and clueless as she doesn’t create a pattern.


Sadly, that old saying that women are smarter rings true in situations such as these. You need to stay on your toes and pay attention. Learn something from her… she’s got it down to a science in that tiny little book of hers!