Me Time

The Importance of “Me Time”

I Encourage You To Take Some!

“Me Time” turns easily into “We Time” when kids are involved. The bathroom, grocery store, private moments, during phone calls, and in the middle of the most inappropriate times that could exist, your kids will be there. There are insanely beautiful ups that come with those downs and trust me, one day you’ll miss the weirdest things! However, this article is all about you getting that “Me Time”!

The Mind / Body Connection

Some parents feel like they are selfish when they try to take time for themselves. Heck, some people that aren’t parents feel that way too, but let me tell you, ladies, it is necessary! We all need time and space away for self-care, self-love, and self-indulgence. You can feel physically amazing, without a complaint in the world, but what about the other aspects of your health? Mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being is important too, and if you don’t believe me check this out!

Our emotions have an impact on our health. The mind-body connection is a very real thing. Some people have a more difficult time with it than others. Taking that “me time” raises you up in some pretty incredible ways. Keeping your overall health and well-being balanced, which is important. Us women can become vicious and wicked little things but we can also become brittle; this causes us to crack in unnecessary ways which brings us to the little things you can do to get those extremely important “me time” moments.

“Me Time” Tips

Because some of us have little ones running around or even older kids in the home I’ll throw in some ways that “we time” and “me time” can work together! After all, our family is a part of us so when you’re able to blend those two times together amazing things can happen. (Warning: “We Time – Me Time” doesn’t ALWAYS work out as planned)

Every Minute Counts: Life can be hectic and there aren’t enough hours in some days. School may be back in session but Covid-19 caused a spike in the kids who are doing virtual learning from home. More people are out of work and the number of single mothers at home has increased. That being said the hours in one day might seem even shorter because so much is different now. If the house is full and social distancing is your temporary “norm” then every minute you can get to yourself makes a difference. They do add up. Take an extra minute in the bathroom (if you can) and practice some calming breathing techniques. Find the little things throughout the busy day that bring you joy and a little self-indulgence.

Spa Day: Women all over the planet love a good spa day. Many men enjoy one too, but this is a women’s magazine! Again, if you’re social distancing set it up to have an in-home spa day. You don’t need the salon or beauty shop; go out and get what it is you’re all about and throw down with it. You could try to have it alone, with friends, and even include your family if you want. Sometimes that “We Time – Me Time” does a whole lot of healing for all individuals at all. Face masks, a mani-pedi, and some relaxing tunes should do. Don’t feel bad if you want that spa day to be all about you!! Remember, that’s the point.

Meditation: Meditation can be a great way to get that time you’re looking for. If you don’t have a lot of time take a short session and if you’re blessed with some extra time then take it. Meditation isn’t just for relaxing and calming the nerves. There are energizing meditations and meditations to help deal with anger. 

Reading: If you love to read then do it. Read to yourself when you can, read aloud to yourself if you want to. I mean, you can also read aloud to your kids if they enjoy that sort of thing. Sometimes we have the desire to read but our hands and eyes are busy and if you find that to be the case check out some audiobooks and listen to them while you cook, drive, or whenever!

Do You Thing: Whatever it is that is “your” do it! We don’t all have the same wants, desires, and pleasures so what works for one may not work for another. Maybe you have a sitter and can go out on the town, have a few adult beverages, spend the weekend away, and/or whatever it is that gives you that break or that reboot or both! Video games, mechanical work, arts, crafts, just whatever it is that you enjoy; your healthy self-indulgence!

If we don’t take care of ourselves, our entire self, we can become miserable, depressed, and unhealthy. Looking out for ‘us’ isn’t bad. What can make it worse is when we ONLY look out for us and nobody else. “Me Time” is essential. Single mom, married, male, female, young, and old that doesn’t matter. Having some quality “me time” every single day is a worthwhile goal. It doesn’t have to be all day every day, but anywhere from 5 minutes to 30-minutes regularly is a good idea. Occasionally take an entire day! Parenting can be draining even when your days are full of fun and excitement, life, in general, is full of wear and tear causing us to need that time! Make that time for yourself; as sad as it is; one day it will run out!

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