The Hype of the Large Penis

Banana coming out of mans pants

The Hype of the Large Penis………All men want to know what’s going on the big hype surrounding penis size, especially when it comes to women. What’s the actual truth behind it all?  Does size matter?  Will it make you or break you when it comes to having long term sexual relationships?


You often hear women talking about wanting a man with a large penis to please their sexual needs.   They often gather around a TV watching porn looking at the extra large size men who perform in them and tend to go crazy about the size and how would they handle a penis that size in them. Truth of the matter is that some women that have ever had a penis even close to being over sized in girth and length did not like the experience.   These same women stated that having sex with a man with a large penis was nothing of what they expected and really didn’t enjoy the technicalities of trying to have sex due to the immense size. One woman stated that she’s been with many men with a large penis and said that they all narrow down to the same problem and issue… “It was like trying to have sex with a noodle!”  Surely men with an average penis size and girth would think that men with large penis would never have any issues as to getting laid and having sex with many women, but the truth is that some women who believe they want a large penis pounding their insides out is not what they really get or want after the experience.


Men with large penises do have issue with their large package and some end up going to a doctor to get help even gets it reduced!   Why?  The penis is so large that the blood flow will not travel as well as a normal man’s penis would, thus causing the “noodle penis” women often complain about. This is because the man’s penis does not get completely erected no matter how much you try to get it hard.  This is the part when you see these large and “blessed” men using their hand often to guide and penetrate their penis in a woman’s vagina through out any porn film. The other issue would be what men like to call “the slip out”, when a man is barely in the vagina because it’s not hard enough to stay in and it constantly slips out!  A man with an average penis or even a small penis may have this issue, but it can be fixed immediately just by adjusting the distance and getting closer to the vagina. This doesn’t work for men with a large penis. He cannot get closer. This is usually because the man’s penis is not hard enough to go in or the woman will not take all of it in.


Surely you’ve see that guy who looks like a total tool with that fine looking woman that doesn’t even match him, before. You can’t help but to wonder how this was possible and of course the first thing you would think is, he has money. But, penis size may be the main factor.  Having a large penis may be a blessing to some men if his tool works properly and the girl he’s is dating loves the pain and pounding of her vagina. To each their own.


Men with average penis size and girth will also worry about having a woman who has had an over sized penis prior to his own, because they believe they will never please that women even if they try hitting the vaginal walls!   They believe that it will actually take shoving a baby back into a woman’s vagina before they could even do any kind of damage with their average size penis.


The verdict, yes women would love to have a large penis to have fun with, but only because they’ve never experienced one in them before!  Once they get a hold of one they change their minds, along with the size of their vagina.


There’s still hope for the average and small penis men who are continuously looking for a miracle pill to enlarge their penis. Be happy with your size… some women get pleased by something called a silver bullet that’s smaller than your penis and vibrates…get the point?