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simple wSimple Ways To Help A Friend In Abusive Relationshipays to help a friend in abusive relationship

Simple Ways to Help a Friend Who Is In An Abusive Relationship

If you have a female friend who is in an abusive relationship, you know it is an extremely difficult situation. It’s painful to watch someone you care about suffer, and it can be frustrating to see her voluntarily endure the abuse. While the choice to leave is ultimately up to your friend, there are things you can do to help her along the way. Be Available. In abusive relationships, women are typically forced into physical

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podcast to light your fire

Motivational Podcasts to Light Your Fire

2020 hasn’t been the easiest year to stay motivated in. Motivation is something we all strive towards, but sometimes, being drained mentally and emotionally can make it challenging. Some days, I just wake up tired, frustrated about world events, and void of inspiration. To add insult to injury, the mundane nature of working from home during COVID-19 has us all burned out more than usual. Lucky for us, there’s a secret tool to fostering that

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communication is the key to great sex

Communication is the Key to Great Sex!

Many couples wonder how you can make sex fun, sexy, and last. They go through all the trouble in the world buying books, sex toys, and DVD’s, but cannot find the actual answer to having great sex. Some couples may find themselves going crazy trying to figure it out, only to lose themselves in the search process, eventually giving up and the relationship falling apart. So what’s the key to great sex? The bottom line

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Why Many Women Choose to Sleep Alone

Many things have changed in the new millennium, including sleeping preferences. Throughout the decades, we were subservient creatures and did what was expected of us, never daring to break the mold. Heaven forbid a woman preferred to sleep in her own bed! For those women who love to cuddle with their partner throughout the night and waking up with them in the morning, “great!” On the other hand, many prefer their separate sleeping quarters. After

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Table Manners from Hell

We’ve trained our dogs and even our cats so now we need to take it to the next level and train our men how to eat properly at the dinner table. For those of you lucky enough to be with a guy who has good table manners, this won’t apply to you; however, consider yourself lucky. I happen to have a problem with men who don’t understand the proper use of eating utensils. There seems

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Put Em Out to Pasture

“Put ‘Em Out to Pasture”

Dear ladies over the age of 50, Before you get your knickers in an uproar, I too have hit this age criterion and am pleased to share that I couldn’t feel better about myself. Over the years I have made my mistakes, learned from them, and find my own company far more interesting and entertaining than in my youth. Unfortunately, there is a group of insecure men who are fixated on the numbers and have

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5 Things Awesome Communicators Do

Can men and women ever really understand each other? I think that they can, but I also think it takes a great deal of effort on both sides. This effort is often squandered in dumb arguments that go nowhere or end up hurting the feelings of all involved. I define “success” in communication as being able to achieve a resolution to an issue while addressing the resulting feelings on both sides. Some people really have

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