Texting With Style: How To Keep Your Woman Interested

Handsome man texting

Texting with Style: How to Keep your Woman Interested……..Texting is a dangerous dance when it comes to the world of relationships.

Too much texting could set a bad president.  Not enough texting might make you look like a flake.  Here’s how to correctly text a girl.  This will surely keep your woman interested in you.


Your first interaction with a girl should not be via text message.

If you happen to get a girl’s number you should call.  Don’t send her an awkward text message reminding her who you are.  Pick up the phone and use your voice to ask her on a date.  This will rocket you to the top of her list because most guys would choose the impersonal way (a text message) to communicate.  Get that first date the old fashioned way, and avoid the text message method.  While you’re courting this young maiden, make sure your text messaging is on a need to know basis.  She doesn’t need to carry a conversation with you the entire day.  That’s just terribly needy.


Once you develop a relationship with this girl.  It’s okay to send her some text messages throughout the week.

You need to keep her interested.  If you’re casually dating this girl—a text message might be all you need to keep you on her mind.  Sending her something like “How’s your day going?” might bring a smile to her face.  Snap a photo of something you know she’ll think is funny and send it to her.  This playful back and forth will keep you in the running for long term material.  These texts should happen every other day or so.  Don’t start texting her every little thing every day.  This will set a bad precedent for the relationship.


A way to romantically keep your girl interested via text is by saying these simple words; “I was thinking of you”.

Sure, just the fact that you sent a text message is enough to let her know that you’ve been thinking of her.  Actually saying the words will send her heart a-flutter.  Get into the routine of making text message conversation playful and light.  Think of it as a Facebook poke.  The shorter and cuter the text, the more she’ll stay interested in you.


You never want to send your girl a long text message.

It’s best to leave those types of messages for e-mails or in-person conversations.  You never want to share your feelings through text message.  Why would you diminish the value of your emotions by sending them in a little insignificant text?  Women want men that are able to talk about their feelings in person…not through text.  Likewise, you should never attempt to start a fight or break up with a girl via text.   This is the lowest form of cowardice and it will only make your girl incredibly angry.  If you have a gripe to settle with your woman, do it in person.


Another important thing to keep in mind is timing.

When a woman sends you a text try to answer her in a reasonable time period.  You don’t have to answer her texts right away.  In fact, I recommend not answering her texts right away.  Don’t leave a girl hanging for more than 2 hours though.  If she texts you a question be sure that you answer.  You know what it feels like to send out a text and not hear back right away.  It drives you crazy!  Well, it drives her crazy too.  This is just a common courtesy that you should carry with you in all of your text messaging endeavors.  No one likes a flaky texter.  No one.