10 Ways To Know A Woman Loves You

Couple kissing each other

It’s more about her cooking you a meal every now and again or making the dip for the Sunday game…then leaving you and your buddies to enjoy it.

When a woman gives her heart to us you can bet it’s going to be a pretty knock-down-drag-out-affair. But the age-old questions exists how do we really, truly know our woman is in love with us?


Are there signs for women in love? Look below. There just might be ten of them…

  • She acknowledges, allows for and stands aside when you need to act out your manliness. There are those times you are well bothered by life, hunker down in the old basement or garage to be by yourself. Other times you need that weekend away with your buddies. Still, others when all you can manage is to lie back with a “yes, yes, that’s it” in bed. These are all clear signs of manliness, for good or bad and the woman who allows for this, understands and at times indulges your more basic guy needs and instincts is a woman who is in your relationship for better or worse, therefore she probably loves you…just in the same way you let her cry on your shoulder for no reason or let her talk incessantly about a subject you could have sworn was closed an hour ago from all the talking! Love is about acceptance of our genders.


  • She acknowledges, allows for and stands aside when you need to act-out your ‘you-ness’. After a good amount of time riding the waves of a relationship, you and your significant other will come to learn a few things about each other’s moods, fears, and desires. The woman who not only accepts that you are a man but that you are ‘you’ and accepts you running through the ways in which you need to express yourself is the woman who loves you for you…another clear indication of love.


  • With acceptance comes the quiet resolve that really, in the end, no woman can change her man (or a man his woman)…nor will the woman who really loves you want to change you.


  • She will at least discuss your sexual fantasies with you and not dismiss them out of hand. Sure there are just something’s you might want in your sex life that your woman will never take to (and maybe vice versa) but communication is key to every aspect of a relationship, especially the sexual component, and the woman who sits at the edge of the bed with you to watch a DVD you happen to like (a lot) or who will not instantly label your more kinky desires ‘sick’ and might actually find she opens up to you about a few of her own-even if you never get around buying rope and tackle and hazmat suit is the woman who cares to hear what you have to say about your deepest desires, about anything really and that’s a woman who loves you…or maybe wants to also wear that hazmat suit!


  • She will not belittle, argue with, or even really raise her voice to you in public. Beware this rule, because you have to follow it as well. Couples argue, in fact, it is healthy that they do and the longer you make a life with someone the more chances you have to argue even if you execute compromise pretty well between you. But the woman who loves her man and, therefore, the man who loves his woman will not air dirty laundry, no matter how small those pieces of laundry are, in public. It is just unseemly and shows a lack of respect for your partner, and without respect, there can be no love.


  • Without friendship, there can be no love either. You know your lady loves you if you feel in your heart of hearts that she is your friend first and foremost.


  • She seems to generally put your concerns high on the list of her priorities or in some instances she actually puts yours first.


  • She generally sets her social calendar around what you and she are doing or might do.


  • All her friends and family know about you and she takes great pains to bring you together with these people.


  • She wants to have sex with you…a lot. Yes, there will almost always come those instances in our lives where we bubble-up some amazing heat with someone but it’s nothing more than, will never be anything other than, lust. But after a few times of some good bedpost-banging banging you’ll come to know the difference between heat generated from just heat and the kind that comes from true caring, intimacy, and commitment…and you can tell when a lady is having sex with you because she simply is getting-off from what you to do her with your amazing prowess and parts and when she surrendering mind/body and spirit because she is also experiencing something extra…love.


What do men want in a relationship?

Women in love.