Ten Things Women Want In Men


Ten Things Women Want in Men…….The joy of trying to understand what women want;

NOT! This can often be one of the most difficult challenges that a man faces in his life. Not only is it difficult when first presented, but it also seems to be a constant challenge.


When it comes to women, it is difficult to understand their specific wants in a man.

This can also vary from woman to woman. Don’t freight, though it may seem difficult at first, with time and experience, it seems to get a bit easier.


To assist you along the way, we have comprised a list of the top ten things women want in men. While every woman is different, most have the same thought process when it comes to what they want in their men.


  1. Ambition. Woman want to see that a man possess ambitions for his future. They want to know that he isn’t the type to just settle for what he has, just because he is content. To women, life is about constantly bettering ourselves and our situations. If you are an ambitious man, show her what you are capable of and what you see in the future that includes the two of you. Understand what your ambitions and dreams are.
  2. Self-Confidence. Being confident in yourself is key. Whether or not society views you as the total package, you must see that in yourself. To women, it is important for a man to be comfortable within his own skin in order for any other type of relationship to form. You have to love yourself before you love another. Let’s not take it overboard though; she doesn’t want a cocky man.
  3. Sense of Humor. One way to a woman’s heart is by making her laugh. Innocent humor is something that brings women great joy. For most women, to laugh is to love. Life is often difficult all on its own and a small session of genuine laughter is the best medicine for her. Show her you have a good sense of humor with few jokes, even if they are at your expense.
  4. Optimism. Optimism is crucial quality women look for in men. Someone who possesses a positive outlook on life is something women yearn for. While a little sarcasm has its place in the world here and there, an overly sarcastic man with nothing but negative views is a huge turn off for most women. Are you optimistic?
  5. Passion. A passionate man is a must for women. When a woman decides to start seeing a man, she wants to know that there is adventure, spontaneity, excitement, and pleasure in store for her. She wants to know that she has a man that knows what he is doing in the bedroom. While he doesn’t have to be overly experienced with sex, he should be passionate about it. Possessing passion is something that drives women wild and in turn, leaves them wanting more and more. If you are unsure if you are passionate enough, simply come up with some new and exciting ideas to try out with her.
  6. Independence. A man with no independence is a man who will lead a pretty lonely life. Sure, women love children, but not overgrown ones. She wants to know that her man can stand on his own two feet. Sure, women love to do things for their man, but this is not because he is unable to do for himself. She wants to know that he can, in fact, stand on his own two feet without there being some sort of meltdown while doing so. If you can make your own decisions and understand how to use the washing machine and cook, you are likely someone a woman would be interested in.
  7. Physical Attraction. Just like men, in order for a woman to want to get to know you, she has to notice you first. This is where the physical attraction comes in.  In order for a woman to be attracted to you, you must be well groomed and nicely put together. To be noticed by a woman, you must first ensure that your hygiene is up to par, your clothes fit nicely and are clean and that your hair is in place. Does this mean you should alter your look in any way? It might, pending the type of woman you are hoping to become involved with. Women will have to notice you physically in order to want to get to know you further. Be sure your look is the right look for you!
  8. Communication. This is another crucial key in regards to women. It’s no secret that women love to talk and that yes, she will want to talk to you from time to time. Women are especially driven to men who can communicate with them. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit around talking to her with every free second you come across. She simply wants to know that the line of communication will be open between the two of you at all times. If a woman feels as though she is unable to communicate with you, you can rest assured; she won’t be looking for anything else from you either.
  9. Ability to Socialize. There is nothing worse for a woman than dating a man that’s considered to be a stick in the mud. For the most part, women are social butterflies. They want to know that any man they are dating will be able to carry on a conversation with anyone she introduces him to. While he doesn’t have to be the life of the party, it’s important that he not be overly shy when it comes to meeting new people and interacting with them. Whether it be family, friends or people that she works with, he should be able to socialize and communicate with people from all walks of life.
  10. Intelligence. No, you don’t have to be Einstein, but you do have to possess some intelligence. No woman wants to be with a man who cannot think for himself. To be honest, most women find smarts just as sexy as physical appearances. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep quiet about subjects you are unsure of. Stick to the topics you and be open to learning new things.


When it comes to being the “total package”, most men find it to be impossible.

While it is rare that one particular man fit the exact criteria of a woman, there are ways to get really close to doing so. Women are lovers, nurturers, and compromises; she will work with you until the two of you find that happy medium. If not, check out other ways to win her heart in other areas. If you ever lack in one area, try to enhance your abilities in another!