Find the g-spot

My Quest To Find The G-Spot

When my dad ditched the training wheels on my bicycle all those years ago and launched me down the street, beaming proudly as I suddenly veered right and slammed over the curb, narrowly missing an ironically worded “SLOW CHILDREN” sign, I figured nothing in life would be tougher than learning to ride a bike.

An Open Letter To Men-featured

Things Women Want Men To Know In The Bedroom

When it comes to sex, everyone’s body responds to different things. Some people can be satisfied with the sensation of a feather running across their skin. While other people might need some nipple clamps and a vibrator to get in the mood. The only way to make sure you’re satisfying your partner is to keep the lines of communication open, and become interested in learning their body. Sensitivity comes into question when talking about sex, and there are certain physical things women want. Here are some ways for you to learn about your partner’s body, and help them to realize their sensitivity. When a person is aware of their sexual sensitivity, sex can be a great experience.

Sexting on mobile phone

Technical Problems

Technology has given us all kinds of new obstacles to overcome. The Internet and text messaging has made the beginning stages of communication in a relationship filled with new rules and regulations. Talking through texts and sexting can be fun and convenient, but they also have consequences.

Secrets in a relationship

Secrets | Relationship Killers

Oh secrets—they will literally eat your relationship alive. While privacy within a relationship is always a good idea, secrets are an entirely different beast. When you withhold important information from your partner it’s only a matter of time before everything blows up in your face.

Broken marriage

Marriage Shmarriage

Marriage is a big commitment, and many women hope to walk down that isle one day. Marriage is also a lot of work. When taking the leap you need to evaluate the situation, and make sure that you’re pursuing it with someone right for you.

Clueless man

Feel Clueless Guys?

I know, sex with a woman can sometimes feel very intimidating. Maybe you don’t know the female anatomy as well as you think, or you worry that you won’t measure up to her past lovers. When it’s time to please your woman you buckle under the pressure, and don’t perform as well as you would hope.

Man angry with his woman

Don’t Go There

Sometimes things pop up in a relationship that brings us outside of our comfort zone. There are times when we’re willing to try something new for our partners, but then there are the other times. Sometimes our partner will ask us to do something for them that make us feel extremely uncomfortable.