Speed Dating / Will It Work For You?

Speed Dating Featured Image

As the saying goes: “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Without a doubt, single people are everywhere and may be open to dating relationships with you if only you’d stop and notice them. It seems that despite all of the options for meeting singles-including all the newest technology in the mobile dating world and the plethora of online dating sites-it is still difficult to find a good catch.  If you could discover a way to meet lots of people in a fun way, improve your dating persona, and potentially stumble upon the next love of your life; would you try it? If so, speed dating can work for you.

When partaking in speed dating- or a singles event that consists of having a series of brief mini-dates with potential matches-there are some things you should consider to increase your chances of connecting in dating relationships.

To begin with, choose an event that will be fun so that you-as well as the other speed daters-will be in the mindset to enjoy yourselves and attract others. You have to go into the event with a positive attitude and make the best of it no matter what happens.  Having success at a speed dating event is, like in real estate, often about location, location, location. An ideal venue is one that provides a private space that is closed off to the public. (The stigma of attending singles events is lessening, but some speed daters may understandably feel uncomfortable or embarrassed if they have an audience watching.) Somewhere with cute décor, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres will help make things fun, and an event with a theme will add to participants’ enjoyment. At the least, look for an event in an intimate space where the music isn’t too loud for conversation.

A second and very important thing to consider is how you present yourself. Depending on the speed dating company you select, you will have anywhere from four to eight minutes to make a lasting impression. When the bell rings, it is time to be on the next date. The person who was just sitting across from you will have to check “yes” or “no” next to your name, deciding if he or she would like to see you again. Since there isn’t much time for in depth conversation, your image is paramount. Make sure you look polished and well groomed. Ladies should not be dressed inappropriately in sexy clothes and men should not be too casual or business like. Everyone should have good breath and make sure they aren’t fidgeting. Equally important, is that you speak properly and confidently, demonstrating you are a good listener who can also initiate interesting conversation. For the best results, present yourself as someone who is fun and lighthearted with a genuine interest in a serious relationship.

Lastly, you can increase your chances of finding love by attending the events of a reputable company that attracts a high caliber clientele. Choosing a company that has reputation of hosting events that are organized and well run is a smart move. Your success relates to how well the company screens the singles for each event and how well you know your match criteria. For instance, if you know you are looking for a well-educated partner, you can attend an event that requires singles have graduate degrees and higher. If religion is important to you, choose an event that is for people of your faith. If the company does a good job of screening people beforehand, you’ll be more likely to find compatibility.

The great thing about speed dating is that everyone you meet there will also be interested in finding dating relationships. Knowing that the people you may become involved with are on the same page can save you a lot of stress and heartache. Attending speed dating events can be one of the best kept secret ways to save money, as you will be spending only a fraction of the time and money you would if you actually went on such a number of dates. For sure, speed dating can be a convenient, fun, and effective new way to give your love life an upgrade!