Your Size Doesn’t Matter

Woman checking her mans penis size

Your Size Doesn’t Matter……..Naturally, men will think you want to know how big their penis is when you say something of this nature.

Sure, it starts with this curiosity, but the size of his penis is not always a deal breaker. There are many theories when it comes to sex and the most important part of sex being a large penis, but this is also misleading.


When it comes to sex, it’s not just about how big the package is, but how well he can use it.

Men are often pegged with stereotypes surrounding his penis size. The sad part is, it holds those with small penises back from really enjoying themselves. What they do not realize is that men with a larger sized penis also face issues when it comes to women.


One thing that all men need to realize is that women are not necessarily turned off or on by a man’s penis size.

They may quietly question a man’s ability in regards to their performance based on their penis size, but will often give the man the opportunity to prove himself. Regardless of the size of a man’s penis, he can still give any woman the time of her life if he understands how and where to penetrate her. His size won’t ever be an issue if he hits all the right spots.


It’s true that a longer penis will penetrate deeper than a shorter one, but sometimes, the men with the longer penises, have no idea how to work them properly.

This can cause her to never call you again; she is likely embarrassed for him. When it comes to guys that lack on length, it’s often misconstrued that he can’t reach far enough. When it comes to a man with a shorter penis, it may be more difficult to naturally reach specific areas that you would like to within the walls of her vagina, but there are positions that can help them reach all necessary points inside a woman.


Aside from the length of a man’s penis, there is the girth of his penis that can cause some men to be cautious.

Whether you have a lot of girth or his penis tends to be on the slimmer side, the motions for which he penetrates will make all of the difference as to whether or not the sex is enjoyable for you.


As nature has obviously taken its course when it comes to the build of a man’s genital area, there are ways to defy the obvious.

So what if his penis is on the smaller side or who cares if it’s big, there are positions, motions, and extras that can help ensure a great and lively sex session.


As we get older and engage in sex more often, the obvious doesn’t seem so obvious anymore.

His penis size tends to matter a bit less and the plan of attack seems to be most important. Experience is what helps us make the best of any situation. What one body part may lack, another may make up for it. Let’s just say, you cannot find your rhythm to make sex unforgettable due to his penis size, what about how his tongue works? If you aren’t into oral sex, how about you get on top of him and take control of the situation.

There are ways around a man’s penis size and if you want this particular man, you will certainly find a way to make it work. It is also important not to judge someone by a quick feel of their crotch, because you never know what he is capable of doing. No, I am not saying everyone will make up for their shortcomings, but there are many who may surprise you when it comes to their performance.