Sixteen Areas Of Her Body That Drive Her Wild!


Sixteen Areas of Her Body that Drive Her Wild!…. Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on your very own handbook that leads you to every secret tickle spot on a woman’s body?

Imagine the fun you could have teasing and pleasing your woman if you only knew more spots to play with than the obvious ones. As with anything, a little creativity and research can completely transform your wildest dreams and sexual pleasures.


For years, men have tried little to nothing to enhance their maneuvers when it comes turning on their women.

Contrary to popular belief, women love having sex, but if a man has no clue on how to get her turned on, she’s not going to budge. Take the time to get to know your woman and how to turn her on.


A woman’s body is full of areas that send her over the edge and turn her on and up instantly.

Believe it or not, some men fail to explore and discover these places on a woman’s body, which are literally right in front of their faces. Sure, most men like to consider themselves sexual guru’s, most men miss out on various important areas on a woman’s body, causing more work for himself trying to turn her on.


These sixteen secret tickle spots on a woman will put you on the right track to an unbelievable sexual experience with your woman.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and heighten your skills to get her all hot and ready for action, shall we? Let’s begin with the obvious spots to lick, touch and tickle and then we will work to the not too obvious.


Breasts- All men know that all women like their breasts to be held, squeezed, kissed, and sucked by a man. This area is the “go to” area to get her going fast and quick. Though she likes her breasts played with, try not to let this be the only spot you touch, otherwise, she will get bored quickly.

Ears– Ears are a very sensitive spot on women. If you kiss and suck around the earlobe while licking gently behind the ear often, it will give her chills down her spine. It will instantly have her thumping in areas she never knew moist.

The side of Neck– The side of a woman’s neck is extremely sensitive. When you kiss or gently suck this area just right, you will see that she works her way toward you allowing you to work your way around her.

Throat or Front of Neck- Work your way from the side of her neck to the front of her neck and in throat area kissing her. Some women prefer being touched in these areas rather than kissed. This area is ultra-sensitive, so be careful.

Back of Neck- If, you thought that just the side and front of the neck is sensitive, you thought wrong. Try gently blowing or licking on the back of their neck, it will send chills down her spine. When this happens, she may notice her tilt her buttocks upward between your legs if positioned right above her.

Her forearms- Are very sensitive. Slowly rubbing your fingers or gently sliding your tongue up and down them will get her excited.

Fingers- Women love their fingers sucked on. It’s exhilarating and often sends a signal straight to her special area that it’s “that time”. If you gently spread her fingers and lick in between them as if you’re giving her oral it will drive her crazy. This can be used as a teasing method and as a preview as to what is to come if she allows you to get between her legs.

The palm of hand- Women are sensitive to touch and what better way to touch them then by caressing her hands. Use your thumb to gently massage in circles in the center of her palm. This will relax her and also a turn on.

Lips- Kissing on her lips can be exquisite. It can get exciting if you “tease kiss” her, by kissing and tugging on her lips. This is something that leaves her craving more.

Face- Her face can be kissed and caressed gently. Extra special touches and nibbles on her face can make her melt.

Ribs and sides– Men have found that kissing and gently nibbling on the side of the woman’s body can also result on her getting intensely aroused. Working your way up and down her side then combining motions up to her breasts and back down the side can get her worked up and ready for what’s to come.

Back- You can never go wrong by massaging her back or adding kissing. Using your tongue up and down to her lower back will get her going immediately sending more chills to her clitoris making her literally thump.

Feet and toes- Kissing her feet will make her feel like a queen. Simply kissing her feet alone won’t get you far; you have to put a little elbow grease into it. Licking and sucking her toes will drive her wild. Licking between her toes just like you would her fingers, but adding some sucking in the process, individually sucking each one of her toes, will keep her moist and ready to pounce on you. You can also slowly run your tongue up or down the bottom of her feet mixed with a few soft kisses. Some women may be ticklish, so don’t interrupt the mood of getting her turned on, then turning it into a laughing frenzy, causing the mood to go away. You can also suck on her heel as if; you are sucking on a peach.

Calves- Turn her over in the bed so she is at ease. Her heartbeat will escalate and she will become increasingly excited. Get her extremely aroused by licking up and down her calf and actually licking the fold behind the knee that connects going up to her tights. She will squirm not knowing where you’re going to end up.

Clitoris- Obviously if you get around this area, she will unfold herself in front of you! This is where you get creative with your fingers, hands and mouth. Giving her oral is the ultimate to a woman. Massage her clitoris with your tongue. Sucking and licking in a teasing manner will cause her to shove you into it. Try getting to this area later in the foreplay instead of going straight to it. You’ll surely have an orgasm worked up by working the other areas before the clitoris.

Anal- While most men assume penetration when they hear the word anal, there is so much more you can do to please a woman in this area. Do you want to turn a woman on right? As you’re giving her clitoris oral and even fingering her at the same time, find your way to her anus and gently massage around it with your finger in a circular motion. Some women may get aroused enough that you can insert your finger in her anus as well, but remember to be gentle.  Women love men who give anal oral sex. They say that it drives them wild, as long as the man knows what he’s doing. Add some simultaneous action while giving oral to the clitoris he’s an oral sex God!


It’s important to remember that all women are different and that all women may not be comfortable in each of these areas.

If you have a woman who is open minded and sexual, you should try each and every area listed. While these are only sixteen key points to help you play with her, take the time to discover her and what she likes.