Six Ways To Communicate

Six Ways to Communicate Effectively

As human beings, it is often amazing how difficult of a time we have communicating or relating with each other. As opposite sexes, it seems to be nearly impossible for some of us to communicate. We often fail to reach an understanding or effectively get our points across. Communicating shouldn’t be so difficult; after all, it’s just a little talking, right? While, it seems as though communicating should be simple to do with a spouse or partner, it seems to be the number one reason that many relationships don’t last.

Communication mishaps can often turn into World War III. This is something that is pretty hard for most to recover from. Knowing how to communicate with each other will help increase your chances of making things work. Arm yourself with the knowledge of how to communicate with your lover and enjoy a relationship the way you should. Here are six easy ways to more effectively communicate.


For the sake of any relationship, honesty must be in full effect. You must have honesty while communicating to make it genuinely truthful. Your relationship will prosper and grow when honesty is the main source of communication.


Sometimes your tone can make a big difference in communicating with someone. Your tone is what people respond to. Regardless of what you are referring to, your tone is what a woman will sense first. It will also be what will determine how the conversation will end and how she will respond to you. If you approach her with a negative tone, you can expect to resolve nothing and only end up in a heated argument instead. This is where the common phrase “setting the tone” comes from.


People make the mistake of not listening to the other party when it comes to communicating. Listening is a crucial aspect of communication. If you fail to listen, you are only willing for things to go your way only. This is not how a relationship works. In fact, it is a quick way to end one. When communicating, be sure to be open to the reasoning and ideas of your partner.


In order to properly communicate, you have to be willing to understand and be respectful of your partner’s feelings. If there is no understanding of what the other may be feeling or going through, you can bet that any type of communication will only end on a sour note. Be mindful of others’ feelings when approaching any type of communication.

No interruptions

Another major mistake people make is interrupting the other person while they’re trying to talk and express their opinion or feelings. Interrupting will place someone in a defensive mode and instead of a conversation, it will escalate to an argument quickly. Never interrupt the other person; let them speak so you are able to understand what they’re trying to say to you. It’s also polite.


Your temper can be another important factor when communicating; if you lose your cool when someone’s speaking to you, chances are that the conversation will end almost immediately. No one likes to try to have a conversation with a person who has a bad temper; it’s merely impossible to get any point across. Keep an open mind and a cool mannered temper, even if you don’t like what the other person may be talking about. Take a pause before you let a negative temper take over and think about what you are going to say prior to divulging it. Try to simply agree to disagree on areas that you feel as though you are unable to communicate about at any given time. Give yourself time to gather your thoughts and a way to put them into words in a positive way.

Rely on your social IQ to help you through any communication difficulties. Think about the situations in your past that may not have worked too well for you, and implement what you have learned from them. Do your best to keep an open mind when communicating and you should be fine.


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Things Women Want
Things Women Want(@officialtww)
1 year ago
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Good One!!

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