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Too many times we (I) read advice that just gives me so many steps to have a good day that the day is over by the time I finished the steps!  Then I’m not happy at all.   ☹

So I read tons of articles on how to start your morning.  Then I took just a few of my favorite steps to having a joyful day which you can do within 10 minutes or less if you need to.  Many of these you can do while you are showering or getting dressed or even driving.  

Step 1.  Gratefulness.  – I know, this sounds so hokey and I really fought against doing it because I wanted something more “important” to do.  However, once I started doing this I realized that the reasoning for this that I had read so many times (“Where gratefulness lives, fear and sadness cannot”) was so true!  So many problems and sadness I used to wake up with and rehearse in my head could not be there when I was thinking about all the things I’m grateful for.

“Where gratefulness lives, fear and sadness cannot.”

However, in the depths of despair sometime you can’t think of anything to be grateful for (I was at that point for so much of my life).  At those times take Tony Robbins advice and ask yourself this question: If I could be grateful for something what would it be?  (Yes, he tricked me with that question and I started coming up with some things to be grateful for.)  Some examples of things to be grateful for that I came up with, since I didn’t feel like I had anyone in my life to help me, were: libraries, the internet, roads, my car, buses, money (even if I don’t have much), someone in my life (some people don’t have family or friends but you might have a co-worker, someone on the bus you see each day, a pet, etc.), a dream (even if it seems crazy).  Start small and work your way up to looking at things around you to be grateful for on your way to work, at the office, wherever you go.

Step 2. To build on step 1, if you are looking around you instead of looking down (which is where sad people look) you will stand up straighter.  Standing up straighter makes you breathe better which makes you think better and be happier.  As a by-product standing up straighter makes you look thinner, taller, stronger, happier and builds on a victor mentality not a victim mentality.

Step 3. Take a moment to be still and breathe.  Get your head to focus on 1 thing like the sky or close your eyes and think of 1 thing like breathing, a poem or a line you like from a movie and repeat it over and over, a happy mantra – anything as long as you focus on just one thing without judgment.  This will make your brain rest.  Try it and build up to a longer period of time.  Even if you start out with just the thought for a second build up from there.  

Step 4. Stretch.  Just do any stretches, gentle and kind, just to wake up your body.  This isn’t a punishment, this is something that makes your body happy.  Stretching is a reward.  Don’t hurt yourself, just gentle and kind stretching thanking your body for what it does for you and allows you to do.

Step 5. While taking the bus, driving or walking find a podcast or something that expands your mind and makes you happy.  A few that have free podcasts/audios/videos that I like are:,,  

Another inspiring, fun podcast is “Things Women Want” radio show which you can find on  We talk about issues women (and everyone else!) cares about in a positive, fun way.  We discuss life, career, love, money and things that make us laugh.  Our guests are incredible people with lots of life options to offer (and lots of free stuff on their websites.  I love free stuff.).  The radio show is a live call-in show so we welcome your calls for advice from our guests or just to talk with us! The number to call us during our show is: 888-627-6008.  Our social media and email addresses are also there so you can reach us that way if it is more comfortable for you.  We read all of our emails so you can send in a question if you want.

The link to find our show is:  

Push the purple button to the left of the show name for “Station 1” on this page and you can hear us.  We are live on Mondays from 4pm to 6pm Pacific time.  Right under the show description is a list of our podcasts for previous shows you can listen to.

There really are things out there that can help you find your happiness inside of you.  Stand up straight and look for them!  

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