relationships and sex

Relationships and Sex

The funny thing about relationships and sex is that it can sometimes make or break the relationship. Sex, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, is a big part of a relationship. If there’s any slacking going on, most likely someone in the relationship will cheat to fill that void. Everything can be going fine and lovely in a relationship for years, but if the sexual side of the relationship diminishes or dilutes, the relationship may be sitting on shaky grounds.

​ Keep Things Fresh and Lively

While in a relationship, people need to keep doing what they started at the beginning of the relationship. Alternatively, they can come up with better and exciting ideas to keep that flame going before it is all gone, and nothing at all is left in the relationship. In a relationship, you have to keep your lover happy; not only does this show them that you love them, but that you want them. You’ve got to find different ways to keep your lover interested and not leave them to wonder when will be the next time they will get some action may be. The more you do have sex with your lover, the less you have to worry about them cheating or wandering off elsewhere to get their sexual tension taken care of by someone else.

Surely, relationships should be about love, communication, and trust. But, the bottom line if you’re not playing your cards right when it comes to keeping the sex in a relationship alive you could be looking at a lot of trouble coming up and even up to a breakup. Not because your partner will cheat, but their mind will be filled with thoughts and questions as to why they’re not getting the sexual attention they used to get at the beginning of the relationship; when you did it like rabbits. They may even start believing that you are having an affair or cheating because you don’t give up the goodies anymore.

Sex doesn’t have to be a routine to the point that it’s just something to do. It has to be pure, fresh, and meaningful at every time. By all means, don’t become boring and schedule sex. That’s the biggest mistake and turn off for any couple. It’s total relationship suicide. Knowing when you are going to have sex can be exciting if you work on it like foreplay all day, but if you know because it’s just scheduled to do like clocking in on the job; you will get the same results. Some people don’t like their jobs.

The key to a happy relationship with meaningful sex is to maintain passion, sexiness, the element of surprise, and spontaneity! If you get into the mood of getting it on, whether in your back porch at night, garage, in your parked car in your home, or even on your kid’s trampoline, then do it ( I am going to assume you know this means if the two of you are alone)! The thrill of getting caught by someone gives a sense of thrill and gets your blood pumping. Your adrenaline will get you going and the sex is great and amazing.

​ Keeping Your Relationship Alive– One Sexy Encounter at a Time

Relationships die because sex life is boring, or the couple has insecurity issues with each other or themselves. Being shy can also destroy your relationship if you’re not willing to try anything and everything you can think of to please yourself and your lover.
Out of the blue, if your mate is in the kitchen cooking, just surprise them from behind and push them against the counter take their clothes off and give them the business!! Surprising sexy showers are also great ways to use the element of surprise with your lover, which is not only sexy and fun but a libido boost.

Relationships and sex go hand in hand. Remove one of those hands, and you are left to struggle. The same works in a relationship. Find where you lack between the two of you and fix it. If you want your relationship to work, you have to have communication, love, trust, but most of all sex wide open whenever, however, and wherever you can.

Sex is a good stress reliever and a booster for life in general. When someone comes up with an excuse such as they have a headache just to avoid sex, they don’t realize that sex can get rid of a headache. It’s 2020 ladies and gentlemen that excuse burned out a long time ago. You do or you don’t, but always know when you lack, and you don’t in a relationship, then someone else will. Don’t let your relationship go downhill, rip off your partner’s clothes and let them know and show how that you’re attracted to them, and you still find them desirable. Have relations in a relationship!!

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