would I wear that?

Would I Wear That?

Okay, tell me if this ever happens to you. You are flipping through a magazine, watching TV, walking down the street, or see someone at work, and you catch yourself gazing at their whole outfit thinking how well it is put together. Or you are drawn to a part of their outfit, like a necklace, scarf, belt, the shoes and you think how cool, how great looking, how different the item is. Then after a

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Color Me Beautiful

That little black dress may be essential to a girl’s wardrobe. It’s slimming, simple, and elegant. For decades women have been inspired by the simple black sheath Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The Brilliance of Color While the brilliance of black had its share of appeal in cultural history, let’s not forget how popular color was to fashion. According to Time Magazine, the call for clothes of color

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passive aggressive

How to Overcome Passive-Aggressiveness

If you’re not sure that you’ve ever dealt with a passive-aggressive person, one of these scenarios may sound familiar: You: “Friend, can I borrow your car tomorrow morning?” Friend: “Well, I kind of need it for myself, but I guess you can borrow it. Do you need me to fill the gas tank?” Or: Husband: (Returns home late from work and hasn’t texted wife all day) “Hi…why are you so quiet?” Wife: (Rolls her eyes

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Can Fashion Be Compared to Real Estate

Can Fashion Be Compared to Real Estate?

Hey, what is the mantra of real estate? It is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. That is a good philosophy and is useful in a variety of areas — where you work, your favorite restaurant, shopping, sex, and, oh yes, fashion!!! Think about it. Where you put what you wear can make or break your appearance. Let’s talk about this, shall we? Location is important. Now, if you are a tall, lanky, perfectly aligned model type, you

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Killing it in The Kitchen

Some of you may already have all of the awesome kitchen skills and knowledge passed down through family and friends. Others learned through hands-on experience and training in a class or restaurant. However, not all of us have a kitchen guide (you know the one that has the crazy secret knowledge you didn’t even realize existed) to pass anything down to us. Even for some of us who DO have one, it doesn’t mean they’re

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Communicating With Your Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

As a New York make-up artist, hairstylist, and former model, I can’t express how imperative it is to communicate and express your opinion when having your make-up and hair done for a photoshoot, an event, make-over, or your frequent trip for your cut and color. Do not worry about being offensive or that “this is not your expertise so you’ll leave it up to them.” Regardless of whether you are up to date in fashion,

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Finding a Soulmate Shouldn’t Be Your Mission in Life — Here’s Why

Since we were little girls, we’ve been fed this view that one perfect person is out there waiting to make all our dreams come true. But here’s a groundbreaking newsflash: you are your own soulmate. Expecting to find a romantic partner who checks all the boxes and meets all your unique needs isn’t only unrealistic – it’s unhealthy. While it’s never too late for love, what mature women should be focusing more on is seeing

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