Redefining Life in 2020

Redefining Life In 2020


In the modern age of technology, COVID, and social distancing, many people are re-evaluating their lives. People are setting new priorities, exploring new hobbies, and experiencing the natural world in a new way. This extreme change in how people are living creates many stresses; yet, it also offers an opportunity to redefine who and what we value.

Redefining Life through Quarantine

Christina Aguilera said, “It’s impossible to redefine yourself and your life overnight.”1 Yet, in March of 2020 as our nation began lockdowns people were forced to redefine life, literally, overnight. Suddenly, schools, churches, stores, bars, and salons were closed. And, shortly thereafter, social unrest began.

Redefining life through quarantine is a struggle for many. While social media apps like TikTok help keep us connected to each other, we must re-learn how to be individuals. The amount of time spent alone is unnatural for most, and increases in mental health awareness mean that many are trying to reach out to the isolated, alone, and lonely individuals struggling to cope.

As we begin the journey of redefining the meaning of life, women play an important role. More than ever, women have the world on their shoulders. Many have lost jobs, relationships, and social foundations. Yet, women remain strong for their children and loved ones. Women across the nation are teaching their children lessons that will be passed on to future generations; as our grandparents passed on lessons from the Great Depression through our parents.

Women are powerful forces of nature. And, I believe we do have the ability to redefine ourselves overnight and every single new day that we open our eyes and draw breath. The strength of the female spirit has birthed humanity, surely, we can withstand a pandemic.

What Can We Do?

The first thing we can do in understand those feelings of concern, confusion, and stronger emotions are natural. The second thing we can do is start talking about it! Walter Winchell once said, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”2 While we may not be able to walk through the door to be with our friends, we can make ourselves available to them.

Reach out, give someone a call just to say, “Hi, how are you doing?”. It’s important to stay connected to our loved ones even though we may not be able to be in the same physical space. Doing things for people you love will lift your spirits. A simple call to express love and listens to someone’s feelings creates a bond and gives life meaning. Connecting with people is important.

Random acts of kindness are more important now more than ever. Don’t film your acts of kindness. You don’t need the credit from social media. Perform random acts of kindness like a ninja, unseen, unheard, and with the miraculous abilities to bring joy. Recently, a friend explained to me how she found a $20 bill at the bottom of a box of tampons. That’s an example of ninja kindness. Be a kind ninja and bless someone without getting credit. Trust me, you’ll feel good about your deed and better about yourself.

Connect with Nature

Connect with nature. Nature can nurture. Plant a garden, walk among the trees, enjoy the beauty in a sunset. By taking the time to be present in nature one can relax. Women are givers of life and have a special connection with nature. The more time a woman spends with nature the more grounded she will feel and she’ll have a better understanding of her essence.

Winston Churchill once said, “Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.”3 It is unnatural for humans to isolate and spend so much time alone. Therefore, it is important to focus on your growth. Focusing on your physical or spiritual growth can improve mood. In these times of social distancing focus on positive growth. Grow your knowledge of what’s around you and what’s within you. Learn and explore nature, either outside of the big city or just enjoy a park close by your home. However, you interact with nature do it with positive intentions and spiritual goals.

Take Up New Hobbies

Taking up a new hobby is a great way to keep yourself in a positive mindset while navigating the 2020 pandemic, social distancing, and all the new guidelines. Hobbies have a great way of distracting us from our worries and bringing back our inner child’s peace. Art is a great hobby to express your inner goddess. Draw, paint, or craft your way to inner peace.


If you are struggling with isolation reach out to others, find ways to stay active and focus on positivity. The importance of setting positive intentions for the day is a vital tool to help improve the quality of time spent in isolation. While isolation is unnatural it does not have to be unhappy. Create happiness by exploring new places, hobbies, and reconnecting with loved ones through video chats. Redefining life in 2020 means re-evaluating what is important. This is your opportunity to redefine yourself.


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