Put Em Out to Pasture

“Put ‘Em Out to Pasture”

Dear ladies over the age of 50,

Before you get your knickers in an uproar, I too have hit this age criterion and am pleased to share that I couldn’t feel better about myself. Over the years I have made my mistakes, learned from them, and find my own company far more interesting and entertaining than in my youth.

Unfortunately, there is a group of insecure men who are fixated on the numbers and have succeeded in making many of us feel insecure and bad about ourselves. Many have dumped their partners in for a younger woman which provides them with false security regarding their aging cycle. Needless to say, that in many circumstances they have traded themselves in to be replaced by a wallet emulating dollar signs.

I have spoken to many men who have referred to older women as over the hill and “put em out to pasture.” My only thoughts were “what a shallow waste of my time.”

For those of you who have experienced online dating, you know what I am talking about. A great percent of these men are married, have misrepresented themselves and yes, lied about their age. “God forbid if a woman fibs about herself a few numbers, she is accused of being a liar and can’t be trusted.” Regardless of how great she looks, she will not get responses if she lists her real age so she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.
I recall having had an older friend who listed her real age and didn’t get a single hit. She later changed her date of birth and her on-line mailbox overflowed. She was indeed a knockout and had an exceptional personality as well. After several months of exploring many possibilities, she was elated to have found what appeared to be her perfect match. Unfortunately, when she came clean with her prospective suitor and revealed that small and insignificant detail, she was dropped like a hot potato and fell into a deep depression feeling as though she were damaged goods. It took considerable persuasion to convince her to get back up on the horse.. so to speak. Like so many women, it took her a long time to realize that she was with a man who needed to change his way of thinking and perhaps look for one who was more understanding and had more depth.

My point in the matter is to help you identify with the true culprit behind the mask which is a reversal of the male’s insecurity and I hope that my perspective in pointing this out will help to restore damaged ego’s and place a new light on aging and looking forward. Mr. Right will not care about the number on your license but will rejoice in the fact that you have lived, learned, and have a lot of life left to bring to the table. He will not make you feel so insecure that you only feel comfortable having sex in the dark nor will he find you unappealing over a few gray hairs or wrinkles. Last but not least he will be there cheering you on when you blow out your birthday candles and allow you to age gracefully.

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Steve Britton
Steve Britton (@stevebritton19)
10 months ago

Great article, Lorin!

Steve Britton
Steve Britton (@info)
10 months ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

Good One!!

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