Professional Things Women Want


When it comes to the professional things women want, one word probably sums it up—everything. Now, that doesn’t mean that every woman needs to work outside of the home pursuing a professional career. But we want to be able to do that if we so desire, and in the process enjoy all of the benefits and opportunities that our male counterparts enjoy. It’s only fair. Everything needs to be equal—that’s what we really want.


You don’t have to be an historian to know that if things aren’t completely equal for professional women today, it was even worse years ago. In fact, we haven’t even had the constitutional right to vote for a hundred years—the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which give the right to vote to anyone regardless of sex (but not of any race mind you) was passed in 1920. That is a sobering fact.


So at the start of the 20th Century, women were not only discriminated against professionally, but politically as well. Getting our voice in Washington was a start, but certainly didn’t completely resolve the inequality we suffered, that still exists in many forms even today.


Let’s start with Corporate America. We’ve all heard of the glass ceiling that limits the advancement of women in the workplace. We all know it exists, even though everybody agrees that it shouldn’t. The number of women CEOs, while increasing, is still predominantly a men’s club. Pay scales for women and men for the same basic roles are still out of whack—in favor of men.


Even if the inequality between women and men persists in Corporate America, women aren’t content to sit idly by. The number of women entrepreneurs starting their own businesses is on the rise, and some experts predict that over the next decade or so new businesses started by women will surpass those started by men.


On top of that, many stay-at-home moms—as well a growing number of disillusioned corporate expatriates—are launching home-based businesses. There are so many opportunities to make money from home, that it’s hard to overlook this professional avenue, even if it’s only for a second—or third—income. Whether you’re a photographer, cook, writer, crafter, designer, or anything else you can imagine, more and more women are making a good living doing those things from home.


The professional things that women want are varied and diversified. Whether you work for a company, for a company you started, from home, or are just thinking about going back to work, you need a strategy for professional fulfillment. That’s what this section is all about.

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The Editor