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TWW and the TWW Networks, LLC takes your personal information very seriously. We understand and respect that this information is both highly sensitive and private, and we strictly adhere to the foll0wing policies regarding your personal and private information.

Personal Information

We require no personal information in order to visit and view the information, content and other intellectual property contained on If you wish to submit content to, we require you to complete a registration form for our records that will include publicly viewable biographical information, as well as private personal information so that we know who you are, as required by law. You will not be permitted to submit content unless the form is completed in its entirety. If you do not wish to submit content to but wish to receive periodic mailings from us, you can also register only your email address.

If you are a contributor, we will never, under any circumstances, share, rent, sell or disclose any of your personal information, with the possible exception of your email address, and then only if you have given us express permission to do so. If you are not a contributor but have subscribed to our email list, the only time we will share, rent, or sell your email address is with your express permission. and the TWW Networks, LLC, may from time to time share, rent or sell its email list to trusted partners for the purpose of promoting content, products or services. Regardless of whether you are a contributing author, editor or simply on the mailing list, you are under no obligation to receive such email promotions. You can opt-out and unsubscribe from our list by following the “Unsubscribe” tab on any unwanted email correspondence from or by sending a request to

Usage Information uses analytical software to monitor and track the site usage patterns of all site visitors. The Web Site also collects electronic cookies to further enhance the user experience. This is not personal information about you and it is not personally identifiable. This information is used to help us manage, and to optimize your user experience.

Review and Access

If you are a contributor, author, or contributing editor, you may at any time review, update or delete the information you have on file with us by accessing the login to your personal bio page. If you are and author or contributing editor and you choose to delete your biographical information, we may at any time remove your content Contributions from the site. If this occurs, we will still maintain the irrevocable right to the removed content.

Choice/Opt Out

Signing up to receive our periodic emails, along with the periodic emails of selected partners and affiliates is strictly optional on your part, and can be cancelled at any time. If you which to cancel your participation, simply choose to opt-out of the list, which you can do here. Simply contact with your request.

Third-Party Advertising pays the bills by selling advertising through third party advertising companies like Google as well as selling advertising directly to vendors. Google and the independent vendors may track click-through activity when you click on an ad that you see on We have no control over anything that occurs once you leave our site, such as purchases that you make or information that you provide. When you follow an ad from our site, we do not transfer any information whatsoever to the advertiser or to Google.


As mentioned previously, uses cookies to help improve the user experience. Cookies are small snippets of information that are placed on your hard disk by most websites that you visit. These cookies allow us to identify you as a previous visitor to our site, and also to verify your status as a prior contributor or contributing editor. We will never use cookies to retrieve information about you for reasons unrelated to our Web Site, and we will never share any of your preferences or site tracking data with anyone else whatsoever.

Advertiser Cookies

Unless you have cookies disabled in your browser, most websites and ads that you click on insert a cookie on your hard drive as well, and is no different. These cookies provide information to the advertiser so they know what you were interested in when you visited their site or clicked their ad. We have no control over these cookies, or to the information that they contain.

Third Party Backlinks

While browsing you will frequently encounter backlinks to other sites from within the content on our Web Site, within author bios and the editors’ personal pages, and from within ads. These backlinks will take you off of the website and will transport you to the other site. We are not responsible for the content of these third party sites, and do not necessarily endorse such sites. It is important to understand the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies of any such site that you visit.


The website and TWW Networks, LLC use a professional third party service to host This vendor is responsible for the security of our data and related information, and represents guarantees to us regarding its security. All of this information is stored on restricted, protected and highly secure private servers.

Modification to This Policy

Although our Privacy Policy might change from time to time, we will always post the changes here immediately. If the change to our Privacy Policy is significant, we will notify you via email of the change.

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For any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us directly through our contact page, here.

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