how to know you're communicating effectively

How Do You Know You’re Communicating Effectively?

Everybody wants to be heard and acknowledged by the people around them, whether those people are their boss, their colleagues, their family, their friends, or their significant other. This is a basic cornerstone of the human experience. We crave connection with each other, and the way that we navigate that is through effective communication. But how can you tell whether or not the communication strategies you typically use are effective? How do you know when

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How to Identify an abusive relationship

How to Identify an Abusive Relationship

Sadly, many women have been in an abusive relationship at some point in their lives. Not all abusive relationships are easy to recognize; the abuse may be purely emotional or may take time to seriously escalate. Maybe you suspect that your relationship is unhealthy, or maybe you have a friend who doesn’t know or accept that hers is abusive. Here are some warning signs to help identify an abusive relationship. Your Partner Tries to “Keep”

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Misunderstanding of turning 50

The Misunderstanding of Turning Fifty

Have you noticed or heard of how many women feel as though they have lost it all at fifty? It starts a few months before turning fifty. They get sad and feel as though they no longer have the looks, the energy, or time to do or involve themselves with anything or anyone. What’s wrong with these women? As someone who is over the threshold of fifty, I can certainly tell you that life is

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Sex at 50

Sex at Fifty

Sure, when you are in your twenties, it’s all about how many times and how quickly you can reach your climax. As you age, your sexual styles and needs change; like it or not. While some may find it a bit uncomfortable accepting change, it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Think of your sexual needs changing and how they may change for the better. No, I am not talking about Viagra becoming

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depression is no laughing matter

Depression is No Laughing Matter

If it weren’t for my sense of humor, depression would have killed me decades ago. To simplify things, let’s say that there are two kinds of depression: situational depression (brought on by a recent event), and clinical depression (chock-full of lots of other items). Everyone gets onboarded to situational depression throughout their lifetime; it’s natural, and to be expected, when someone dies, a relationship ends, or you discover that you’ve already finished off that box

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new world pandemic

New World Through The Pandemic

Technology has seen its wrath this year, with warehouse shutdowns and company adjustments operating through the pandemic COVID-19. Remember back in February 2020 — fear and uncertainty rattled the best of us well-intended individuals — to stay inside, order groceries, with guilt that someone is working for our needs. If you needed to leave the house, you automatically conformed to an exit and return to the home checklist of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and reduced

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Metal Detecting….Not Just for the Boys

Metal Detecting has long been considered a man’s outdoor sport, but what about us ladies? Shouldn’t we get to be Pirates too? That’s the answer I told myself on my 40th birthday while pondering what my gift would be to me that year! A Need for Change or a New Kind of Sanity Call it a change of life, or insanity, but I wanted to find a way to get some exercise and be rewarded

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