Misunderstanding of turning 50

The Misunderstanding of Turning Fifty

Have you noticed or heard of how many women feel as though they have lost it all at fifty? It starts a few months before turning fifty. They get sad and feel as though they no longer have the looks, the energy, or time to do or involve themselves with anything or anyone. What’s wrong with these women? As someone who is over the threshold of fifty, I can certainly tell you that life is

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Having Kids is a Blessing—But So is Not Having Kids

Having kids is a blessing, but so is not having kids. Aside from the obvious of being able to focus more on your career, other things about women without children are often taken for granted. For example, we make the best friends because we give 100 percent of our undivided attention. We have room in our lives and hearts to take in stray animals. And on a very serious note, seeing what’s going on in

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Dealing with Ageism: 5 Subtle Strategies that Could Help You Be Your Best Self at Any Age

‘Age is just a number.‘ ‘You are as young or old as you feel.’ ‘Age has nothing to do with what you can achieve in life.’ You hear these and similar truisms being thrown around all the time. If you are twenty, you are probably saying this to your fifty-year-old aunt on her birthday. If you are the aforementioned fifty-year-old aunt, you are probably saying it to yourself every day in an attempt to buoy

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What Are Communicaton Skills

What Are Communication Skills?

Communication skills are one of those things that are discussed so widely that we sometimes miss the entire point: what are communication skills, anyway? Are they the ability to get what you want from other people? Are they talking endlessly about your feelings? Do good communication skills make someone else feel valued and appreciated? Is it turning a stressful conversation into a pleasant, enjoyable conversation?  The answer is that communication skills factor into all of the above.

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Six Ways To Communicate

Six Ways to Communicate Effectively

As human beings, it is often amazing how difficult of a time we have communicating or relating with each other. As opposite sexes, it seems to be nearly impossible for some of us to communicate. We often fail to reach an understanding or effectively get our points across. Communicating shouldn’t be so difficult; after all, it’s just a little talking, right? While, it seems as though communicating should be simple to do with a spouse

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How to Make New Friends (And Hold On to The Old Ones).

As we pass through life’s milestones, starting families and getting older, making friends can seem like an unusually difficult task. With no schoolyard or campus as grounds for fraternizing, there’s no natural congregation of girls that normally forge bonds in your earlier years. For some of us, making friends with other women doesn’t come naturally at all. In my younger years, I had introverted tendencies, with my favorite hangout being a quiet corner with a

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Metal Detecting….Not Just for the Boys

Metal Detecting has long been considered a man’s outdoor sport, but what about us ladies? Shouldn’t we get to be Pirates too? That’s the answer I told myself on my 40th birthday while pondering what my gift would be to me that year! A Need for Change or a New Kind of Sanity Call it a change of life, or insanity, but I wanted to find a way to get some exercise and be rewarded

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