Do You Fear Talking to Women?

If the thought of talking to women terrifies you, then you’re going to have a few issues when it comes to meeting women.  You really shouldn’t be as scared as you are—because…

Don't Have an Affair | Featured Image
Don’t Have an Affair

Considering an affair? It makes so much sense. Doesn’t it? Perhaps your marriage or partnership has grown predictably stale. Maybe you’ve gone too long without having impersonal, sterile sex. Adding to your…

How to Tell a Woman She’s Bad in Bed

She’s beautiful, she’s funny, and the two of you get along great.  After a few dates you really think you could be with this girl.  The time comes to do the deed,…



Things Women Want Men to Know in the Bedroom

When it comes to sex, everyone’s body responds to different things. Some people can be satisfied with the sensation of a feather running across their skin. While other people might need some nipple clamps and a vibrator to get in the mood. The only way to make sure you’re satisfying your partner is to keep the lines of communication open, and become interested in learning their body. Sensitivity comes into question when talking about sex, and there are certain physical things women want. Here are some ways for you to learn about your partner’s body, and help them to realize their sensitivity. When a person is aware of their sexual sensitivity, sex can be a great experience.

An Open Letter To Men-featured



Guys have a fascination with bad girls. There was a meme floating around Facebook the other day that read, “Women want a bad boy who is good for them, and guys want a good girl whose bad for them.” The idea of “the bad girl” has drawn men in for centuries, but what is it about these broads that make them so desirable? Even further, what happens when you pursue a “bad girl”.

Bad Girls Featured Image
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