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ONLINE DATING PROFILES: THE RED FLAGS……..When on-line dating profiles appear too good to be true, chances are they may be bogus or misleading. Take the time to review them carefully and look out for those red flags which may save you aggravation and wasting precious time. Numerous women have war stories to prove this fact, so ladies beware! Here are a few tips which may help you to avoid these misleading men.

Don’t trust those who don’t post a photo or hide their profile! Statistics prove they could be married or involved in a live-in relationship. Some may claim that they had an over flow of e-mails and prefer to avoid the clutter. Others can be more creative and opt for explanations such as: “Because of who I am, I cannot post up my picture” (Mr. Celeb in his own mind). If one considers themselves so highly effluent and of celebrity status, they can certainly afford to hire a private matchmaker. The logic in this lame excuse is one living in a glass house wouldn’t be throwing stones. I’m a well respected doctor and I can’t risk my clients finding me on an on-line dating site.” Why would a single doctor with a busy schedule be judged so unfairly? He may have a God complex but shouldn’t be regarded as a priest and expected not to have a social life.

There are many who misrepresent their physical identity and here are a few examples.

My friend once experienced an extreme deception which she could not have avoided. Perhaps a red flag occurred when the guy encouraged her to spend numerous hours on the phone as he wanted to become acquainted before meeting up. This was her first attempt at on-line dating and to date, the last.  In my opinion it is best to limit conversation beforehand as no amount of chatting can determine the chemistry when meeting face to face. After waiting in the designated meeting place for fifteen minutes, she assumed her date was late or not going to show up. It was no doubt a surprise when a man who had been sitting at the bar, baring no resemblance to the person she was expecting, approached her table and sat down. He began stammering and a light switched on in her head when she recognized the voice of the man she had been communicating with for the past weeks. Apparently it had taken him a great amount of time to muster up the courage to confront her in this given situation. He went on to explain that he had posted up his friends photo as a beard and was hoping that once she got to discover what a “wonderful person” he was, that she would fall for him nevertheless. Needless to say he was an extremely unattractive man for which he was aware. Unfortunately for him, this is not acceptable on Planet Earth or even Mars for that matter.

I once had a similar experience. As I was waiting for my date who I assumed was toned and fit, the Pillsbury Dough Boy came waddling into the restaurant and almost crushed me when he barreled his girth next to me on the lounge sofa where I was waiting. He crushed my hand with his sweaty one and almost mercifully knocked me out cold with his BO. Sometimes the red flags just don’t fly.

For those who do share their photos, look them over with a fine tooth comb as many are far from current. It is acceptable to use older photos providing their appearance still emulates the image. A weight gain of thirty pounds +, jowls hanging down like a Shar-Pei, extreme loss of hair, teeth, hunched posture and the appearance of one foot in the grave is not acceptable. For the exception of a magazine shoot, there is no given reason why a man should have his photos retouched unless he has something to hide such as aging or falsifying his appearance.  Check out the fashion trend and location of the photos as they can also be a dead giveaway. I once spotted a guy standing in front of a well known restaurant, which unfortunately had been closed for a good fifteen years. Inquire about children and animals! “You claim your only son is in college; however, you posted a photo of you and your grandson at a ballgame. Please get your facts straight!”

Avoid the braggers at all costs! Those who proclaim to be exceptionally handsome, own five homes around the globe, speak eight different languages, are CEO of a top corporation developed within the last year and fly their own leer jet   to their private island most probably are not credible.

A big red flag is a profile with an angry edge. Overly sarcastic and criticizing others reflect a negative individual with an ax to grind. Also the long extensive wish list for his Royal Highness should be avoided at any cost. This is no doubt a manipulative, controlling type.

Good luck and I look forward to viewing those new successful future on-line dating commercials!