Nip Tuck and Needle

Nip, Tuck And The Needle

As a well-known makeup artist and beauty author, I’ve received numerous requests to write an article regarding nip, tuck, and the needle. Let me begin by stating that I wholeheartedly endorse plastic surgery and injections, provided they are kept in perspective. Without mentioning names, we all know who has gone overboard. They’ve walked away looking like a cartoon character, or in extreme cases, unrecognizable. If going under the knife or having your fix of injections makes you feel better, I strongly suggest that you GO FOR IT!

Before going forward, there are a few rules of thumb that are imperative for choosing a doctor. First of all, beware of those who will try and sell you procedures that you don’t need or will break your wallet. There are plastic surgeons out there that may prey on your insecurities and before you know it you will leave their office having signed up for the WORKS.

I recall once having an appointment with a dermatologist for a rash. After addressing the reason for my visit, she tried to sell me her special offer regarding fillers which she claimed I needed. I was appalled and insulted, as I never inquired about her “special package.” If my eyes served me correctly, I was a long way from being ready to go that route. At the time I was in my thirties and had flawless skin. She reminded me of a bad used car salesman. I responded by asking if perhaps she might consider bartering for a makeover just to get her reaction. She turned on me like a pit bull and said she didn’t barter nor did she need a makeover. Ha! She needed new glasses. I replied by telling her that I did not NEED her offer, and she should consider how she approaches her clients or in my case EX client.

Make sure that your selection is BOARD CERTIFIED. Many women have gone ahead with surgery before checking out the doctor’s credentials thoroughly and unfortunately were not pleased with the results. There are a lot of quacks out there and it is well documented that many have suffered the consequences. Looking for a refund is out of the question, as quite often the doctor is nowhere to be found AND you’ll be asked to sign a legal document stating that they will not be held responsible should anything go wrong. This makes plastic surgery an even greater risk factor. ALWAYS request to see before and after portfolios! Of course, they will only supply you with their best results but you can get the general idea by going through photographs with a fine-tooth comb. You may also request to speak with former patients as references. Also, be diligent in checking outpatients in the waiting room who are there for follow up visits. Do your homework and check out on-line testimonials as well!

Needless to say, good communication and feeling comfortable with your doctor should be at the top of your list. After all, you are entrusting your face and body into their hands. Be sure that what you see is what you like. Don’t look for the best bargain! You are not shopping for a dress which can easily be returned with a refund. I also suggest that if you aren’t pleased with the results that you go to another surgeon to correct your procedure. If you don’t get your desired results the first time, chances are that you won’t the second time around. There are limitations on how many times they can operate on that same area. Once you’ve made your choice, LISTEN to your doctor’s advice!

Good Suggestions:

Be realistic! If you are sixty, don’t have expectations of looking twenty-five. Too many lifts and your face may end up looking like a saran wrap, lips that extend from ear to ear, and the appearance of wearing a mask. Remember, your face will be sitting upon an older neck and your hands will appear to belong to another person.

If you choose to enhance your breasts, keep it minimal unless you wish to compete with Jessica Rabbit.

Be conservative with lip and facial injections! There is currently an epidemic going around of overblown lips and puffy faces. Keeping a few bees around could save you money and the results will be the same. You may eliminate wrinkles but the trade-off is losing your natural bone structure.

Avoid too much Botox unless you wish to endorse the product! Your face will adorn its natural expressions while your forehead appears to look like stone. “How obvious?”

Have you ever been invited to a Botox party or perhaps attended one? First and foremost, receiving injections outside of a clinical office may not be sanitary. If not performed correctly and the needle isn’t placed properly in the designated area, the repercussions could result in a lopsided appearance and in the worst-case scenario, could cause nerve damage. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are qualified to perform these injections, providing they pass a course in Botox certification, and in fact, a gathering such as this is considered legal. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent individuals who have the means to conjure up false documents and are waiting to pounce on an opportunity of hitting up multiple wallets. Should there be a problem, they will disappear without a trace and you will be left holding the bag or should I say the botched Botox? This may seem like a fun idea and less expensive than a traditional office visit; however, not an event that I would recommend. “Better safe than sorry!”

It is not a good idea to have permanent fillers injected into your face. Many women have made this choice believing they would save money and frequent trips to the doctor’s office. Injections are expensive and once you get started it is difficult to give them up. I can tell you first hand that I have witnessed repercussions that can be devastating and irreversible. As the face ages and drops, permanent injections can travel and appear hard and lumpy. It is possible to have them surgically removed; however, you’ll be left with hideous scars.

Best of luck if you choose nip tuck and the needle, and I hope you look fabulous!

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