new world pandemic

New World Through The Pandemic

Technology has seen its wrath this year, with warehouse shutdowns and company adjustments operating through the pandemic COVID-19. Remember back in February 2020 — fear and uncertainty rattled the best of us well-intended individuals — to stay inside, order groceries, with guilt that someone is working for our needs. If you needed to leave the house, you automatically conformed to an exit and return to the home checklist of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and reduced contact with dirty, possibly contaminated elements.

People stuck at home. Amusement and entertainment essential creating ways to release tension and offer a wholesome environment physically and emotionally – at all costs protecting families managing any outcome of COVID-19. In many respects, the world has become a different place to inhabit. Our customs and routines halted by restrictions and prevention of spreading the disease.

CEOs alter their mindset and business models to adapt to the new world’s infrastructure, investments, and shareholder responsibility. Technology companies such as Amazon, for example, strive to further expand operations for customer needs and job creation. While home-based quarantine living has been difficult, companies have exceeded the range of protections and precautions for the safety of everyone from new workplace laws to delivery systems. Mass-marketing campaigns to ensure customer’s confidence, loyalty, safety, and security.

Bankruptcy is rampant with retail worldwide brands. It’s not a new concept as more customers shop digital, the brick and mortar stores drastically suffer. This year it saddens me the high number of stores closing despite business transformation and cost-reduction initiatives. Mounting problems, striving to survive, and instead dark days.

I read a lot of business news to bring up these points.

I must pay homage to the retail and restaurant corporations who have either downsized operations or have closed entirely due to financial constraints;

Macy’s, Pier 1, Zales, Stein Mart, Tuesday Morning, Sears, Kmart, Sweet Tomatoes, and other buffet restaurants. There is more to name but it’s enough heartache for me.

I think about the trust and loyalty most employees have for their companies whether floor staff or management. I remember the closures of Blockbuster, Compaq, Toys R Us, and Borders and companies that could not create and sustain digital platforms.

Another set of memories filed away until the Thanksgiving table swapping stories about shopping at these retailers and the changes of the last twenty years with Black Friday.

I wonder about their families and the loss of jobs, livelihoods, pensions, retirement, and the next phase. The next phase is on its merry way, take a breath.

Work at Home or W@H, ‘Remote’, ‘Telecommute’, many confusing terminology job seekers tend to want to avoid the transition of earning wages in their homes.

The world advances, the complexity of digital resources; apps and websites connect users to their goals and objectives such as productivity, time management, digital learning, and video conferencing meetings. Computers, tablets, and other electronic devices have been in high demand since February 2020.

Unfortunately due to the fact, China manufactures and exports essential hardware components and parts; shortages of equipment and products have taken a toll on the United States electronics industry. Limited countries to buy hardware to make the retail shelves full. Few electronics companies have manufacturing and production stateside, Lenovo and Dell are exceptions according to an article featured in PC World magazine.

We are now in October 2020, stores report inventory shortages frequently. It took two weeks to receive my Epson Workforce printer purchased from on the backorder. When a large population that relies on home office equipment for business and school, it’s a wonder how society functions without it.

While you may be unemployed from your previous position, stand tall and proactive! Healthcare initiatives and unemployment are dependent on your survival, triggers reactions that feel difficult to cope with to take appropriate action. Fight for your justice, ask for help, don’t give up! Family discussions, hearing opinions, outweigh pro’s and con’s of situations release the restlessness of it all. Uncertainty sneaks up on emotions with stressors throughout the day, talk it out. Chamomile tea calms negative energies, try lifting your mood and consciousness. Recognize your potential is grand, unique, and well honored.

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Molly Britton
Molly Britton(@lauriestreasures)
1 year ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

good one!

Tara Phillips
Tara Phillips (@guest_39)
Reply to  Molly Britton
1 year ago

Thank you very much Molly! I felt it necessary to include problems with companies as it relates to the economy and the job loss as a consequence not only during Covid-19. Every day there are infrastructure and financial decisions in government that creates havoc on the lives on its citizens. Since I’m not writing an article as a comment, I’ll just have you look at your own opinions and outlook towards the list of things that serves Molly. Then look if your 2020 with your state government if your needs were met in a timely and efficient manner.

It does not matter if its an election year or a Covid year. To me I want to boldly express that lives change no matter what is happening in the world.

Thank you again for your comment!

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