Everyone gets caught in a mental dialogue with themselves, especially if it involves change. Humans thrive on change; we need to constantly evolve to be the best person we can. Most people keep their thoughts to themselves about change, but sometimes it is good to know others are going through the same situations. As mature women, we encounter children moving out, thinking about retirement being over the horizon, and if more education is necessary to remain relevant in the professional world. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what changes need to happen. I developed this column to share my story. If you have read my other pieces, you know there are stories to share. As I go through my changes, I will share what is happening in my life. Maybe it will amuse you, or perhaps inspire you. Whatever the case may be, please follow the journey that is called My Story.

My Story: These Are the Days of my Life

Current Weight: 341

Net Loss: 4 lbs.

Greetings my Dear Readers,

It is time for another edition of My Story. I am pleased to report a weight loss of four pounds last week. I honestly believe it was mostly fluid loss, but a loss is a loss. However, I am now entering a week of the month which women detest: the dreaded period. Why is this a dreaded time of every month?

Like me, there must be other women who get uncontrollable cravings during this time of the month. Yes, women have the urge for anything chocolate, but I also love cream cheese, macaroni and cheese, McDonald’s French fries, and pizza. I also have huge cravings for lemonade and cranberry juice. For a diabetic, even juices are potentially lethal.

Period Issues — Something to Talk About!

In addition to the cravings, I also have issues related to my period such as migraines, heavy flow and cramps that are literally paralyzing. I must take painkillers and stay in bed every month, which also does nothing to aid in my weight loss. At my age, I should be in menopause, but I am still having my period. I still, however, have symptoms except for the heavy flow.

Sometimes I must ask myself if I am the only person who has so much trouble during this time of the month. My mother died when I was 20, and I have never had women I considered trustworthy enough to ask. I have always felt women have been silent on this matter and should be more willing to talk about reproductive system issues. This is merely an observation on my behalf, but it seems as though women are too afraid to talk with others about their bodies, even to their own doctor. Society has taught us to be ashamed of ourselves and discourages us from openly discussing potential health problems. We all need to shed the cloak of shame and secrecy and share our experiences, if for no other reason than to let women know they are not alone in their experiences.

Well, Dear Readers, that is all I have for now. Keep reading and if you have questions, comments, or otherwise send me an email at marlene@thingswomenwant.com


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