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Motivational Podcasts to Light Your Fire

2020 hasn’t been the easiest year to stay motivated in. Motivation is something we all strive towards, but sometimes, being drained mentally and emotionally can make it challenging. Some days, I just wake up tired, frustrated about world events, and void of inspiration. To add insult to injury, the mundane nature of working from home during COVID-19 has us all burned out more than usual. Lucky for us, there’s a secret tool to fostering that motivation: podcasts run by strong and empowered women.

These women remind us that vulnerability is not a weakness. They teach us how to hone our self-care routine, career, and finances for increased success. These podcasts help uplift women of all ages and give us a boost when we need it most. 

As an introvert who enjoys spending much of my time alone at home, these podcasts are conversations between wise women that I feel privileged to be a part of. It feels like having tea with the girls, but instead of toxic gossip, nuggets of wisdom and valuable advice are passed around. These motivational podcasts won’t just keep you company – they’ll help protect your positive energy, and remember that there’s an army of women online ready to lift you up whenever necessary.

The Goal Digger Podcast

“Goal Digger” is delivered to listeners in a workshop format, with a focus on business. Host Jenna Kutcher is a marketing guru who left her 9 to 5 for a side hustle. She interviews people of influence on how they’ve reached success in their careers, with tips on achieving that success on your own. Kutcher believes in the importance of having flexibility in your work and finding creative ways to do what you love. As a freelancer who lives by this, I can attest that it really can increase your happiness.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Finance is an area that’s intimidating for many of us, but Faroosh makes the discussion a lot less scary with her podcast “So Money.” Chatting on finance with experts like Ariana Huffington, Faroosh talks about family finances during a pandemic, along with the nuances of managing a career with being a mother. Every Friday, she answers her fans – a recent episode responded to questions on when to sell or remodel your house, and how to save on home insurance.  

The Lively Show

Jess Lively believes in hard work, but finding balance in your life is her mantra. This podcast feels like the perfect blend of personal and career development. She believes in a different approach – one that prioritizes you as a human being rather than a worker bee. This business coach teaches listeners how to avoid burnout and maintain consciousness and the idea of listening to your inner voice rather than hustling ’til you drop—hundreds of inspirational thought leaders like Brene Brown weigh their two cents on similar topics.  

Side Hustle Pro

Developing a side hustle out of your passions is something many women dream about. Doing what you love lets your independence and imagination thrive, but surviving on that side gig is another story. Side Hustle Pro host Nicaila Matthews Okome schools us on all the steps of that process. We absorb wisdom on starting with the confidence to follow your professional dream and dealing with unemployment as a side hustler. She emphasizes Black female entrepreneurs and their unique journeys in her content, which is an innovative and valuable niche.

Permission To Speak

Public speaking is a topic that still makes me clam up – after a debilitating course in public speaking at college, I vowed to only seek out jobs that let me hide behind a computer screen. Samara Bay is here to make sure that never happens to you with her podcast “Permission to Speak.” She’s a coach on the topic. This show extracts knowledge from other speaking experts, and it’s not just useful for those who give presentations and talk to an audience. As women, we’re often used to staying quiet. Bay reminds us to speak up and use our voice boxes and opinions – as a form of patriarchy-smashing power. 

The Resilient Entrepreneur with Michelle Mercier 

In “The Resilient Entrepreneur,” Michelle Mercier breaks entrepreneurship down to simple strategies, providing useful resources and a treasure trove of information. Along with these freebies, her breezy energy and bubbly personality put listeners at ease immediately – a feat that’s not too easy when talking about business. She teaches us how to tailor her advice for our entrepreneurial journey, with conversations on productivity tips, or how to better utilize your collective skillset rather than feeling like you wear too many hats

Off the Gram

These soul sisters host “Off The Gram,” a show by Woman’s Day content director Meaghan Murphy and three other women. They dole out gems on self-care, wellness, and dealing with those sugar cravings. It’s not as career-focused as some other podcasts, but we find that all these aspects, when appropriately developed, can help you live your best life, including at work. When I feel personally motivated and empowered, it seems to seep into all other life areas naturally. One of my favorite episodes is “Wellness is Only for Rich White People”, which discusses the links between wellness and racial privilege. 

Although not all of these podcasts are completely based on entrepreneurship, I believe in a holistic approach. Wellness, finance, and your identity as a businesswoman are all intertwined. Self-care isn’t just for downtime – sometimes, it can be an essential business strategy that allows us to flourish and be our best selves. 

Personally, I love is that each episode is a mini-lesson on how to be independent and self-sufficient (two skills that every woman should have in her toolbox).

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