Metal Detecting….Not Just for the Boys

Metal Detecting has long been considered a man’s outdoor sport, but what about us ladies?

Shouldn’t we get to be Pirates too? That’s the answer I told myself on my 40th birthday while pondering what my gift would be to me that year!

A Need for Change or a New Kind of Sanity

Call it a change of life, or insanity, but I wanted to find a way to get some exercise and be rewarded for it too! After all, 40 only comes around once, and it should count. We have all seen the treasure channels, these once in a lifetime find that are discovered and are now in a museum for all the world to see. And although we may never find Black Beard’s hidden treasure, there are other buried treasure goodies to be found! So, Yo, Ho, Ho, and a bottle of water, because it’s healthier than Rum…, (well sometimes). Let’s get you in the loop! Some of these items can be really pricey, and others, not so much. First thing’s first, you will need to purchase a metal detector, but which one? 

Choosing the Right Metal Detector for You

Where you live has everything to do with your metal detector. Let’s say you reside near the beach, well then, you would want a detector that could handle the saltwater conditions. Believe me, you don’t want to learn the hard way and fry your detector on your first exciting hunt on the beach as I did! Knowledge is power. There are also different metal detectors for regular land use (digging in the dirt). There are many brands to choose from, but I will tell you this, when you begin this hobby, get inexpensive, or a used detector to start, if you end up loving metal detecting, you can always upgrade later and sell, pass down, or keep your first.

As in any hobby, there is a list of things you need, and things you want. When I began this dirt-fest of fun, I wanted all the glitz and glamor that I could get my hands on. I bought anything and everything that even remotely pertained to metal detecting. Boy was I wrong, you see, all the added things are just a bonus, all you need to get you in the groove, is a good foot shovel, a hand shovel, a pouch or fanny pack, and a pinpointer (which I will explain in just a moment). If you will be detecting on the beach, a sand scoop with a long handle and pinpointer is the golden ticket!

Just to be clear, a pinpointer is like a metal detector, but about the size of a screwdriver, only thicker in girth. When your detector signifies that you have found something, and you dig the hole or use the sand scoop to retrieve, you then use the pinpointer to pinpoint exactly where in the plug you just dug, or the pile of sand that your scoop just pulled. I can’t begin to tell you what a time saver this tool is and worth every last penny spent.

The Hunt Begins

So now that you have a good basic knowledge of the equipment used, I’m betting your next question is where can I go detect? There are do’s and don’ts of places that are legal for this hobby. My first suggestion is to take your detector right in your back yard! Since the beginning of time, people have misplaced, dropped, and lost their (metal) belongings! I have dug coins, jewelry, and all sorts of things right out of my yard! With that said, there are places that you must obtain permission to detect, such as anyone else’s yard, private property, etc. Churches, national parks, and graveyards, yes, I said graveyards are always the top don’ts in this hobby, and yes, not myself, but people have tried… sheesh.

The town park down the street from you, beaches, lakes, are places that are excellent to check out, but always double-check the signs as you enter to make sure that it doesn’t have a stipulation for that particular place. (Better to be safe than sorry). It’s a heavy fine, and your equipment could be confiscated on the spot! Always do your homework on a place you’re going to check out.

With that said, how awesome is it to try out a hobby that won’t break the bank (unless you let it), will get you outside in the sun, and promote healthy exercise! That’s a win in my book!

So, whether you dig a thousand bottle caps, a 1952 silver quarter, or a gold and diamond ring, it’s always the hunt that creates the next thrill. There is not a lot of women in this hobby and it’s high time that they were introduced to this guilty pleasure!

Good luck, and as we say in the detecting world, HH… Happy hunting!

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Sam (@guest_30)
1 year ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

A new hobby awaits in this time of COVID! This was inspiring

Joey (@guest_31)
1 year ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

Sounds like an awesome hobby! Good post!

Donna K.
Donna K. (@guest_32)
1 year ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

This article definitely makes me wanna get another metal detector! Wonderful article. More, please!

Claudette ziegler
Claudette ziegler (@guest_33)
1 year ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

Awesome article!! Written very well and actually makes me want to get a metal detector!!

Seth Shotwell
Seth Shotwell (@guest_34)
1 year ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

Great idea! I would love to see more women in the fields. Why not? No rule says boys only and most detectorists are happy to share knowledge.

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