Material Things Women Want


Nothing has changed the way many women—and men, for that matter—acquire the material things that women want the way QVC has. They made an extremely prosperous business by creating hosts who seemed to come right into your living room, chat with you about things that you find interesting, and then sell you those things. To hear the stories, a lot of people almost became addicted to the QVC shopping experience because they found the entire process so comforting and fulfilling. Until the credit card bill came of course.


But that’s an anomaly. We all want something and most of us have limits on what we can spend and afford. (Sometimes those two numbers are different, and that might not be a good thing.) We all love to go shopping, and let’s face it—some of love to go shopping simply because we love to go shopping. When we go out we don’t really need anything but we go anyway. Simply because it’s fun.


What’s interesting is what you look for when you go on those indulgent excursions. We all have varied tastes and interests, likes and dislikes. That’s what the material things women want is all about.


Share your favorite shopping haunts—online or real-world—and tell us what you like about it. You might have a secret little boutique jewelry store in New York City like Lori McLean. Or maybe it’s a cool little online shop selling awesome handmade stuff on Etsy. Share your secret finds and tell us why you like them. (By the way, your favorite merchants will love you for doing this.)


Here’s another thing—the material things that you can’t live without. Maybe it’s your cell phone (hopefully it isn’t). Technology products like music players, tablet computers, digital cameras, even laptops all have a special place in a lot of our hearts. But maybe it’s an amazing piece of jewelry, or clothing or your car—whatever.


That’s why this is so much fun. There are so many material things women want to choose from. There are so many places to shop. There are so many things to share with us. That’s what this section is for.

Thanks for joining us here. We want to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and opinions with us.

The Editor