Material Things Women Want: How to Get Her the Perfect Gift Part 3

Man buying his woman a gift

Material Things Women Want: How to Get Her the Perfect Gift Part 3…….It’s no lie that women love gifts.  We fantasize about what you will get us for Christmas, and wonder if you’re going to get us something thoughtful for our 6-month anniversary.  I showed you how to wow her on Christmas and make her feel special on her birthday, but this is probably the most important article when it comes to gift giving.  I’m talking about the gifts you should NEVER buy your woman.

It’s true… these things exist.  You may think you’re being thoughtful by buying her something to help her out around the house, but you might be sending the wrong message. Women are sensitive creatures so you have to be careful about what you get her when you’re expected to be romantic and thoughtful.  When you give a woman a gift she’s expecting you to match your feelings for her with a material possession.  So you have to make your decision with that in mind.

I told you how to wow her on the holidays, and you should really follow that simple advice.  If you’re not in the right place to buy her jewelry right now she probably understands.  So she won’t have a problem with you giving her something other than a shiny bracelet.  Honestly, jewelry is the easiest thing to get a girl, so you’re going to have to do some major thinking when getting her something else.  Here are some things you NEVER get a woman as a gift.  They’re terrible ideas, and will only get you a night sleeping on the couch.

  • A vacuum. If she mentions that she needs a new vacuum don’t go out and get her one.  Instead, give her a gift certificate to Sears or Bed Bath and Beyond.  Let her pick one out herself.
  • Exercise DVDs. I don’t care how much your girlfriend tells you she needs to start working out.  Don’t ever buy her exercise DVDs.  That’s like a slap in the face for women.  I can guarantee you she’ll say to you “What? Do you think I’m fat or something?”
  • A bowling ball. If The Simpsons taught us anything, it’s that you never buy your wife a bowling ball and put your name on it.  She’ll only start receiving bowling lessons from a suave French man and almost cheat on you.  Seriously though, don’t buy your girlfriend something that you want to use.  The gift is supposed to be for her. Not you.
  • Cooking items. Now, I’m going to divide this rule into two areas.  If your girl doesn’t cook, buying her a frying pan will only send her the message, “I wish you would cook me dinner more.”  This isn’t a good message to send. If your girl does love to cook, and you want to get her something for the kitchen make sure it’s a high end product.  Something like a mixer or deep fryer would be a great gift for the cooking inclined.

I hope this post showed you what not to get woman as a gift.  Gift giving is a nice way to show your girl that you care, and if you do it right she’ll be very happy.