Making Your Woman Feel Special: After a Long Hard Day

Sad woman with her man

   Making Your Woman Feel Special: After a Long Hard Day………You understand what stress feels like.  Believe it or not, women go through some stressful times.  As women of the world we’re not only expected to be a mother, wife, sister and partner—but we’re expected to be a woman of the workforce.  Yes, many of us hold day-to-day jobs on top of our obligations to family and romance.  All of these situations can cause an immeasurable amount of stress, and as her partner you should reach out once in awhile to make her feel like all of her hard work is appreciated.

  Think about it, when you have a hard day at work sometimes she has your favorite dinner waiting for you on the kitchen table when you get home.  She’s always there to listen to you complain about your idiot boss.  She lets you watch the game on a Sunday afternoon instead of spending time with her bossy Aunt Mildred.  When she sees that you need some time for yourself she takes the time to make you feel better.  Why don’t you do the same for her?  Listen to her when she talks.  If she’s constantly talking about how work is too stressful, or the kids are such a handful—try to rearrange your schedule in order to give her some time to herself.  Take the kids to a movie.  Cook dinner for her once in awhile.

Sharing simple tasks around the house can also help decrease her stress immensely.  Sit down with her and share household chores.  Offer to do the laundry.  Tell her you’re going to do the dishes every night.  A relationship should be an equal partnership, and she will be overjoyed that you want to share the responsibilities of a household with her, and this is one of the things women want in a relationship.  It will make her feel like she’s in a modern equalizing relationship.  Knowing that you’re willing to help out around the house might relieve her of some of the stress she’s been feeling.

   If you want to take it up a notch, here are some great romantic ways to distress your girl.  Surprise her with a candlelit bubble bath after a long day.  Go to your local Bed Bath and Beyond and buy the best smelling bubble bath money can buy, and the most exquisite candles.  You can do this anytime you feel that your woman is a little stressed out.  If you really want to step up your game get her a gift certificate to a high-end spa.  If there is one thing that a woman loves it’s a day of pampering.  If your woman is particularly stressed out giving her a day at the spa will not only give her the rest and relaxation she needs, but she’ll love you for being the person who gives her that day.

   You know what it’s like to be stressed. A modern woman has a great deal of stress to face.  You need to be aware of when she’s experiencing this stress.  If you want to be a great partner, take the time to help her when the weight of the world is on her shoulders.  Not only will it help her unwind, but it will also show your woman that you’re extremely supportive.  After all, she’d do the same for you.