Is She Marriage Material?

Black couple on sofa together

 Is She Marriage Material?……….The two of you are having a wonderful time together.  It’s been a great few months and things might get serious.  The thing is, is she marriage material?  If you’re at that age where your dating life might lead to the married life it’s important to date a woman who has the potential to be with you for a long time.

Sure, she’s fun to be with and the two of you get along great.  Is she the kind of person you could spend the rest of your life with though?  Before you can ask this question you need to decide what it is you need from a life partner.  I would suggest the following; loyalty, confidence, balance, respect, and care.  These are some great characteristics when it comes to a life partner.

When you’re with someone who is extremely loyal you know they will be with you for better or for worse.  This is a mandatory characteristic when it comes to the commitment of marriage.  Marriage is about promising to stand by your partner’s side for the rest of your life.  A person that is very loyal is willing to work through the hard times marriage can bring.  You won’t need to worry about the vows being broken, and you’ll always be able to count on her.  It’s nice to be able to count on someone through this life.  You’ll need a loyal wife in order to make the successful commitment of marriage.

A confident woman also makes a wonderful partner.  She’ll be independent and have her own thing going on.  She’ll have a career she’s proud of; she’ll have her own life besides yours.  You’ll be able to support each other through this crazy thing called life.  A confident woman will also be free from the green monster.  She’ll be confident that you’ve made a commitment to her, and she won’t be the kind of person to worry you’re seeing someone else.

A relationship that’s able to keep a healthy balance is also ideal marriage material.  If all of the “power” of the relationship is one sided—you wouldn’t want that dynamic to last your entire life.  A partner that keeps a balance of financial decisions, life decisions, and mutual support is a great choice to make for a life commitment.  You also need to be with someone that respects you.  Respect is possibly the most necessary characteristic of any relationship.  If you have someone that respects you the love they have for you will be magnified and given back to you in a beautiful way.

Last but not least, a woman that cares for you very much is a great person to marry.  Marrying someone that cares for you very deeply means they will only want your happiness.  In turn, a woman that is caring in nature will become a great mother to your children.  A caring woman makes a great partner.

The two of you are having a wonderful time together.  It’s been a great few months and things might get serious.  So, is she marriage material?  If your woman has the characteristics listed above then I think you should definitely think about “putting a ring on it”.