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Being Supergirl

Being Super Girl: Depression in the 21st Century

Ladies, do you ever feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders? We fought for equality for decades, and when we finally achieve it, we experience all the negative emotional stigma attached to it. We as women are supposed to have careers, bear and raise children, be a good friend, a good lover, a dependable professional, and still be what Roseanne Barr terms as the domestic goddess. With these expectations, women are still

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relationships and sex

Relationships and Sex

The funny thing about relationships and sex is that it can sometimes make or break the relationship. Sex, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, is a big part of a relationship. If there’s any slacking going on, most likely someone in the relationship will cheat to fill that void. Everything can be going fine and lovely in a relationship for years, but if the sexual side of the relationship diminishes or dilutes, the

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Redefining Life in 2020

Redefining Life In 2020

Introduction In the modern age of technology, COVID, and social distancing, many people are re-evaluating their lives. People are setting new priorities, exploring new hobbies, and experiencing the natural world in a new way. This extreme change in how people are living creates many stresses; yet, it also offers an opportunity to redefine who and what we value. Redefining Life through Quarantine Christina Aguilera said, “It’s impossible to redefine yourself and your life overnight.”1 Yet, in

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The Importance Of Regular Sex

Understanding The Importance of Regular Sex in Your Relationship

Relationships are about intimacy. Emotional intimacy is, of course, very important. However, many people place so much emphasis on this type of bond that the importance of physical intimacy is nearly forgotten. I’ve learned through personal experience that regular sex is vital in relationships, keeping couples happy, healthy, and close to each other on multiple levels. Here are a few helpful hints to follow. Delight in Fulfilling Each Other’s Needs Regardless of gender, age, or

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Don’t Have an Affair

Considering an affair? It makes so much sense. Doesn’t it? Perhaps your marriage or partnership has grown predictably stale. Maybe you’ve gone too long without having impersonal, sterile sex. Adding to your confusion are the attractive coworkers, charming store clerks, and chiseled personal trainers that have you making unnecessary errand runs and volunteering for extra shifts. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, welcome to marriage. Under the worst conditions, an affair won’t fill

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Intersectional Feminism: Its Meaning and Origins

Although it’s been a popular buzzword for the past few years, not everyone is familiar with this term. Perhaps you’ve heard it in conversation but still don’t entirely understand what it means. Intersectional feminism has been around decades – it was a term created in 1989 by a woman named Kimberle Crenshaw. This American professor, who wrote on it as part of a race theory paper, defined it as the study of different intersecting social identities

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The many elements of competition vs. Obsession and Jealousy

The Difference Between Competition and Obsession and Jealousy

Beginning from early childhood, we’ve all been programmed into entering the game of competing; whether it be in school, the home, relationships, and last but not least competing in the workforce for the almighty dollar! Competition is a healthy emotion, providing it is not escalated to the extreme. It may be perpetuated by your parents; thereby, comparing you to another sibling. Why didn’t you work hard enough to make the track team? Your sister gets

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