Hygiene Essentials Men Should Follow

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Hygiene Essentials Men Should Follow……Men are known for being just plain rugged when it comes to their hygiene. Some frankly just don’t give a damn about how they look or appear in the public’s eye. Surely men work hard and they don’t have the time to get themselves pampered or even stop for a minute to use lotion on their hands, but little things like these cannot be over looked. This is especially true if a man is actually trying to get a date. What he doesn’t realize is that women will notice first hand all of these little things. Up close and personal is where it’s at and if a man is not ready to meet this challenge, then he will eventually fail every single time. So what are these key and important essentials a man should follow like a strict rule of thumb?

Let’s review the following and if you follow these few simple steps, you’re likely to pass with flying colors. You should also remember that these rules should be followed religiously. The second you slack in any of these important essential areas, you’ve failed.

Nose hair: This is one of the most unattractive things a man can have on display. Sometimes it is ludicrous how men step out of the house with these mini tentacles reaching out to grab anything that comes in sight. Let’s not mention what they might carry with them as a hidden surprise amongst them. If you’re actually disgusted just by reading this, then you’ve had the experience of being around someone who has this problem. Sometimes is even hard to concentrate and have an actual conversation with someone with nose hairs used for an accessory.

There’s nothing you can do to stop nose hairs from growing, but it can be controlled by trimming them almost every couple of days to prevent them from showing. It doesn’t take long to do and it can be a great hygienic move (This can also apply to ear hair).


Clean teeth and breath: If anything were to be most important to a man, it should be his teeth and his breath. These are actual things that people see and smell while being up close or near you. Women like men with a nice smile and all his teeth instead of looking like a picket fence. If the teeth are not brushed and taken care, it’s an automatic that bad breath is to follow; something Trident may not be able to help! NOONE likes to talk with anyone who has bad breath; it is not sexy and definitely a turn off!


Hand and nails: Believe it or not, women pay a lot attention to a man’s hands and get a lot of information just by looking at how you take care of them. So, what is it that they look at? You must remember that if a woman is actually interested in you, she will want to have some intimate time with you. If your hands and nails look rough and look like you may shred her skin by your touch, the chances of even touching her will be very slim and doubtful.

Maintain your hands; clean and moisturized with lotion to keep them smooth for a gentle touch. Your nails should be trimmed and clean with no dirt underneath them. Men must remember that they use their hands to get intimate with a woman by touching and inserting their hands in their private areas to turn them on. A woman is not going to let you do that with dirty hands and taking the chance of catching a serious infection. Hands that look like rusted old weapons are not sexy!


Clothing: Finally, the clothes that you wear must be clean. Men are known for wearing the same shirt almost three times before considering it being “dirty”. This is not a good way of maintaining good hygiene! Keeping clothes washed means being clean and fresh and not taking any shortcuts. Men’s sweat is stronger than a woman’s and it can actually stain clothing if not properly washed.

Wearing clean clothing is very important when it comes to men and hygiene. Stay away from wearing clothes that don’t fully dry or stay in the washing machine for a day or so until you decide to throw it in the dryer. This will only give you the awful smell of an old couch that’s been sitting outside on the curve in the rain and all the elements. (Not a good smell!) Using the proper clothing detergents and softeners can prevent this from happening. Hygiene is very important to women and it should be just as well to men.


Follow the aforementioned key necessities and you will have the best outcome, remember hygiene is the key to success.